Monday, March 30, 2009


Our family of three has become a family of four, sometimes even five for the last few years. We have welcomed six different Korean International students into our home. Every new boy that comes to our home brings with him a new dynamic. Our first student was a girl named Sabrina. At this time Cayden was not quite two. She lived with us for six weeks.
We then welcomed a wonderful boy named Jared. He was with us for a year and a half. Two years later we still miss him. If I could have I would have adopted him and never let him go. He was only nine years old at the time and is turning thirteen next month. He was incredibly good with Cayden and was just a natural fit for our family
While Jared was with us we had David come to live with us for six weeks during the summer. Wow, he is memorable! He was fun, messy and loud. I have to say six weeks was long enough though. He is still in Chilliwack and I get to see him often. And he still makes me laugh.
The next boy who came to stay with us was Joey. He was also unique. He laughed often, was chatty, and loved food. At first I wasn't sure that I would become attached to him because Jared had just left and I was really missing him. After a month I really came to like Joey for his own qualities. Joey left our home after six months to move with his family to Texas, USA.
Ivan is our current student. At fifteen years old, he is the oldest of all the boys. He immediately fit in with our family and the first eight months of him staying with us have been wonderful. He loves sports and so do I. We enjoy the same TV shows and movies. He is patient with Cayden as well. Currently, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will get to stay here another year.

This is Ivan. This picture was taken on a trip to White Rock last September.

This is David. He was the life of the party. How do you like Cayden's earphones?

This is Joey. This smile was the norm. A boy that cared little about what others thought and had a heart of gold.

This is Jared. We will never forget what a wonderful boy he was. He was an extremely pleasant boy and always fun to have around.
I look forward to hopefully one day getting updates when they one day become adults. I often wonder what they will be like one day. It's funny because they say the same thing to me. They have said to me that they wonder what Cayden will be like when he grows up. Time will tell I guess.

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