Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo Fun With The Elgersma Family

My little sister, Jolene, encouraged me to get some practice using my camera.  Of course she wanted me to use her family for a practice photo shoot.  The location of the shoot was absolutely perfect!  Right on their family farm.  I only got to a few of the many locations on the farm and look forward to going back and practicing some more.

I know Mikayla and Jordana love to have their pictures taken and could be convinced to let me get some more practice.  John also was exceptional! Always had a smile, was relaxed and always looked in the right location.  Unlike his wife that was far too worried about everyone else and was often the offender of not looking or smiling.  But that's OK.  I'm sure I was the worst offender when I had family pics taken as well. 

I definitely could tell that I am way out of practice.  It seems that my camera has not left it's resting  place in the camera bag for far too long and I was a bit out of my element working with the lighting and sharpness of my photos. 

But it was very fun.  I spent three hours going through the photos, deleting and editing over 400 pictures!  I was reminded how much I do enjoy taking pictures and also how much there is still to learn:)  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lesson About Force Fields

I took an opportunity to share with Cayden some real life issues that are facing people we love while I was tucking him in for the night.  Floods in the Philippines.  Broken homes of close friends.  And sickness.  My wish wasn't to freak him out, but remind him of some realities of life and how Blessed we are with our lot in life.

In return, I got an education when his response was, "I wish there are such a thing as Force Fields."  Say what?  I had to ask what he meant as I had no clue.  His response that it was a bubble that protected us from the bad things in life.

Of course I took opportunity to remind him that God is our Force Field.  The difference was that sometimes it was His wish to not protect us so that we learn to rely on Him.  I just love these opportunities to open up about Faith and how truly Blessed we are.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hockey Night In Chilliwack

 What a night it was for Cayden.  His first official hockey game of the season and the excitement of it has been building all season.  It was also the first game my dad, brother Cody, Hailey and Anna have seen of his, so the pressure was certainly on to perform.

Only a few shifts in and Cayden scores his first goal of the season.  I cheered and he cheered.  Wow, was I ever proud of him then.   The game shifted in favour of the other team quickly and by the end of the second period the other team was up 4-1.

Only minutes into the final period of the game, Cayden scores his second goal!  The first time he has ever scored more than one goal in a single game.  Again, I cheer and he cheers.  And then we were joined by our family, with Cody being the loudest.  Now I was even that much prouder.

The Panthers continues to score.  Then, they tie the game up.  Another rush down the ice for Cayden and he scores yet again!  His first ever Hat Trick!  What an accomplishment for our boy.  We were all so happy for him and couldn't believe that the Panthers went up on the Coyotes.  

The game was over and Cayden could hardly contain his excitement at his three goals.  He wasn't only proud of his first Hat Trick, but also for how loud he cheered.  What a game. I am so looking forward to the next game to cheer him on again.
Anxiously waiting to get on the ice. 
Took time to pose prior to the game with one of his fans, little sister Peyton.
Proudly supported by Opa, Anna, Peyton, Anna, Cody, Hailey, Jeremy and Nanna

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Peyton Turns 3

Our dear little girl has officially left the my favorite stage of life and become a 'big girl'.  So sad for me as a mom.  I know that every age has it's perks but that still doesn't mean I'm ready for this.

Peyton is such a bright little child.  From the early age of 2, she was talking, counting, and had her ABC's down pat.  She knows how to make people laugh.  At almost everything she does.  Almost everyday I wish that her life could be recorded on video.  I know that just watching the replay's would become everyone's favorite thing.

She loves to play. On her own or with her friends.  I love that Peyton plays with both Barbies and Hot Wheels.  She's really is a girl after my own heart.  She also really loves to go to 'school' with Anna.  She often found singing and dancing around rooms and in coffee shops with no worries, making up the words along the way.  They songs never really make any sense, but it never matters because it is so enjoyable to watch her in her happy place.

We sure are enjoying everything about our precious little Peyton and am so looking forward to many more years of her filling our lives with joy.