Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Was A Humdinger Of A Night

The place to be to dream big this past weekend was at the Humdinger RV Show at the Chilliwack Heritage Park. The place was loaded with people dreaming big. Some making their dreams a reality. This was not the case for my dear husband Jeremy. He has three more years to enjoy hauling our 1979 Prowler around. Yes, he really had hoped that I would change my mind. Yes, I was very tempted by these wonderful 30 years newer travel trailers. Good thing about having willpower when it counts! We have an agreement to have our truck paid off prior to our next big purchase. It is the wise thing, although the temptations to upgrade face us every year at this time when camping season is just on the horizon. If nothing else, we did enjoy our night out together browsing and dreaming. It never hurts to look, if you don't touch.
The entertainment of the show was in front of this unique camper wagon.
Jeremy and Cayden sitting at the table of what could possibly be our future travel trailer. The Jayco 29 foot with a slide.

Cayden entertained himself by smelling the flowers on display outside the trailers. Checking to see if they were real. "Yep" he says, "they is real"!

And, as usual he had to make faces when I was looking to take a nice picture. This is the case in about seventy-five percent of pictures these days!

Robert H. Schuller
You can often measure a person by the size of his dream.

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