Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friends Through The Ages

I can hardly believe that it has been two full weeks since the last time I've written. Time truly does move quickly when your having fun!

I'd like to take a few minutes to write about a good friend of mine who celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday. If you knew her and you knew me, you would likley be very surprised to learn that we have been good friends for over half our lives. I'm going to call her 'Andrea Bonneo'. This is a pen name she had given herself years ago just as an author would. She is a very creative writer and I have encouraged her over the years that it was never too late to give 'writing' a try.

We co-existed in the same class at a small local school from the very start of our education. She was one of 'the smart kids' in our class and so very quiet. I was an 'average kid' and not so quiet. I don't even know if we really ever talked to each other until about grade nine when I started working at the same greenhouse she already worked in. (I could write pages about this job, LOL).

It was through working side by side at the greenhouse that we came to become unlikely friends. She really came out her 'quiet place' at this time. I'd like to think that it was because she really had no choice but to open up. Something like 'fight or flight' I guess. We have maintained a comfortable friendship ever since. Probably one of our most common interests has been 'catching up' at a great restaurant by the name of Dakotas.

'Andrea Boneo' and I have a friendship that evolves not around our similiaries, but around our differences. This is probably the only friendship that I have of this kind and I something I truly enjoy. I believe that she brings the calm and I bring the exuberance to our friendship.

It is so great to have a friend of many so many years and I look forward to many more! Happy Birthday to you, and may you have many more healthy and happy years.

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