Thursday, March 5, 2009


What a wonderful and refreshing thing to hear first thing in the morning! I was signing Cayden in at his daycare and watched as this darling little girl was trying hard to get my son to respond to her morning greeting. "Good-morning Cayden", she said. No response from Cayden as his mind was set on joining the boys in the far corner. "Good-morning Cayden", she says again. This time she tapped the back of his head. Still no response. As a mom that wants her son to be polite I said "Cayden, Alexis has been saying good-morning. You need to say good-morning to her". He responds with a mumbled "Good-morning", and trotted off to join the other boys. With a grin Alexis emphatically responded with "Top of the morning to you"! I really had thought I had heard wrong and looked over only to see the teacher in stitches. I had definately heard right. I've just had to share the story with others. It was so sweet.

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