Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Fine Sunny Soccer Day

Another peek at pictures after having some fun with a great program called 'ipiccy'.  I really love how easy this free photo editing is to use and how much fun it is to make collages of pictures.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We Have Kids!

Brownie and Smudge, our two female goats, have been keeping us entertained for the past two years.  They love to climb and walk planks and always welcome me to the backyard with a friendly bleat or two.
My hope was that with the addition of Billy last spring, we might have a few kids born this spring.  As winter became spring, it seemed to me that we had a dud.  Every time I would check on the girls, there was no sign of either goat being an expectant momma. 
Interestingly, on Friday evening my brother says to me, “Your goats expecting you know”.  I’m like, “What?!, how can you tell?”  Cody says, “Cause she’s lactating”.  I ask, “What’s lactating?”  Cody gives me a strange look.  “Um… Milk…” 
Wow! Talk about an embarrassing moment:) My brother had to remind me what lactating is.
Saturday afternoon I get an excited call from Jeremy.  We have twins!  A male and a female looking nothing alike, but so darn cute.
Cayden and a friend promptly named them Caramel and Marshmallow.  Interesting but fitting:)
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