Thursday, September 3, 2015

Not Asking Enough Questions Results In A Crazy Adventure

I have become a lover of hiking. And a dreamer of spending more time in the mountains.  All the short and local ones have been conquered.  I've been waiting patiently for the opportunity to join on something new.  So, Sunday I was asked by a fellow hiker to join on a Tuesday afternoon hike.

Now, Roxanna is an avid hiker and a fantastic photographer.  We have done a past overnight hike and I really was looking forward to joining her on another great adventure.  But the truth is... I failed to research. And, I failed to plan.  The result... a truly great story of exhaustion, wetness, pride, very steep inclines and declines and all kinds of things I can laugh at myself about forever.

However, I did do a couple things right.  I told my husband I was going on an afternoon hike and where he should pick the kids up for work.  I also packed enough water and some snacks.

Where did I fail?  To ask the difficulty of the hike.  The length of the hike. And why spikes, headlamps and walking sticks were on the list of things I should bring along. When bringing a headlamp.  Ensure it actually has batteries!  When bringing dry clothes, put them in a sealed bag so that they stay dry.  And I failed to tell my husband that I wouldn't be home until at least 10:30pm.

Needless to say.  The hike was hours long.  A 27% incline.  Not much of a view due to the clouds and rain.  Exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Memorable and  with excellent camaraderie and conversation.  Only 3 other times in my life have I ever felt so physically exhausted.  So the moment I got home, I stumbled into the hot tub with a splash and reflected on the past few hours with a silly grin on my face.

After  the few things I did right and the many things that I should have done better, I am truly pumped at accomplishing a very difficult hike on a very wet day and having to use my iphone light to get me down the mountain the last stretch of the way. (Remember, no batteries in headlamp:( ) My life just wouldn't be the same with some memories of these kinds of adventures. Thanks to Amanda and Roxanna @intherivervalley for taking me along for the ride and keeping me encouraged all the way up and down that mountain.

I've got to mention Roxanna's In Reach was an excellent companion and comfort and something I highly recommend other thrill seekers invest in.