Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mom, Your More Manly Than Dad!

A fresh load of rock arrived to be spread nicely over our parking area which needed a little aesthetic attention.  So, Jeremy spent a few hours early this evening feathering and levelling the rock to perfection.  Just the way he likes it.  Untouched and a thing of beauty.  

A few hours later, I arrived at home feeling a little youthful and spirited after a fantastic evening at the soccer field.  As I drove down the driveway I looked to my right and saw this beautiful sea of rock.  And it simply called my name.  With the encouragement of my kids I gunned my mommy truck onto the rocks and  did a few donuts, disturbing this thing a beauty quite substantially.  

My thoughts were, uh oh.  Jeremy's going to give me so much sh**t.  But, I couldn't resist and after one smoke show, we did another.  I hear Cayden yell, " Mom, your more manly than dad!"  Peyton shouts, 'Oh, my nuts!'  (who knows where she got this phrase and what she meant)  Ava's giggles, 'That fun, that fun!'.  And Silke's hanging on for dear life but still smiling.

I sort of wanted to say, 'don't tell dad'.  But I knew that wasn't teaching my children good things.  And really, he is most definitely going to see the results of my moment of fun.