Monday, April 6, 2009

Our First Trail-A-Bike Adventure

Spring is finally here after what seemed like a never-ending Winter. When the sun comes out it seems like everyone has the same thing on their mind; time to venture outdoors. This year I set my mind to getting outdoors with the family and spend time just having fun and getting some much needed excercise. I have always enjoyed the outdoors but it seems that I often find myself working on tasks rather than just relaxing and enjoying the time outside with our family.

One thing that is great to do as a family is to go out bicycling. We had a trailer that attached to my bike and only took it out two times last year. Cayden no longer enjoyed sitting in the bike trailer. It wasn't exciting enough and he wanted to bike ride as well on his 'big boys bike'. This year I thought a trail-a-bike would be a worthwhile investment. Our first bike ride of the Spring was a success. Cayden felt like a 'big boy' and Ivan wondered why we never biked together last summer. To Cayden and Ivan's pleasure we plan to go on a new and different adventure every sunny weekend. Who knows, maybe we'll end up in your neighbourhood.

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