Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Was A Rock Band Of A Night

We celebrated New Years Eve with a small group of friends and our families.  Yeah, I know.  10:00pm and already writing about a New Years Eve Celebration.  We haven’t even reached the New Year!  Currently I have an half hour time delay between partying and delivering others home from their parties. 

I am Red Nosing in tonight. To be more clear; I’m a volunteer with Operation Red Nose.  A free service that delivers slightly or highly intoxicated people and there vehicles home after an evening of celebrating. This is the last night of the season. Likely to be the busiest I’m sure.  I’m wondering if I might be called out to some friends. Guess we’ll soon see.

As I was driving Cayden to my sisters for a sleep-over, I asked him how he liked meeting his new little friend Quinton and playing at his house.  He says, “His house was the funnest house on earth!”  “Did you have fun with the adults?”

What a fun kid.  He had such a good time and wasn’t ready to go home even at that late hour.  It was only through some bribing from Quinton’s mom that he could come another time and play, that we got him out the door. 

We did in fact “have fun with the adults".  The hit of the night was definitely Rock Band.  We did have some really good performances I will admit.  Jeremy and I did not partake. Oh, I shouldn’t say that.  We did.  We were the #1 fans.  Someone has to take that role right?

2009-Winter2 037 2009-Winter2 040 2009-Winter2 035

To all my friends and families, Happy New Year.  May your year be filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is It Christmas Again?



To my surprise this morning, I woke up to the quiet falling of snow outside my window.  I quickly woke Cayden up and sent him to the front window to look outside.  “At what?” he asked.  “Just look”  I replied.

He went to front door and opened it wide.  Cayden squealed in delight at the falling snow and yelled, “Is it Christmas again?”  I had to break it too him that Christmas has passed, and will not be back for almost a year.

I was also happy at the idea of getting out in snow. You see, I got to try out my Christmas and birthday present; new snow boots.  I felt a little like a kid again as I laced them up and did a quick little run down the driveway.  Just checking to make sure they didn’t leak.

To think that I was very close to not having snow boots.  Originally I had told my husband not to buy me a birthday present.  I had decided I wanted to pick out a new pair of snow boots. Last year I trudged through weeks of snow in dress shoes and running shoes and I didn't want a repeat this year.  I told Jeremy that I preferred to do the shopping myself as it was a “personal choice.”  He wasn’t super happy about this, but let it go. 

A month had gone by and he asked me where my new boots were.  I told him I had changed my mind and really didn’t want to spend any money on new boots.  I figured I could make it through another winter without new boots.

Low and behold, Christmas came, and to my surprise, a new pair of winter boots were wrapped up under the tree.  I had to admit to Jeremy that he had made a very good choice.  They were definitely something I would have picked for myself.  Of course he could only puff up his chest with pride at making a good choice.  I am truly blessed by husbands desire to please.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I’m Praying For Your Pictures Mommy!

I really cannot believe that it has been over two months since I’ve written.  On most days I thought to myself, “I really have to write about….”  But, due to a fairly steady flow of technical computer difficulties, I could only think to myself, “I really have to write about….”

At one point, in the flow of technical difficulties, I had quite a scare.  One that revolves around believing that every photo one has, has disappeared into cyberspace.  Seriously. 

I was already struggling with cleaning up my desktop computer and was trying to get everything back in order.  My in-house techie decided that he should re-format my computer.  So, being as computer naive as I am, I told him to go ahead and do what was needed to finally get back in computer action.

A few minutes later, he comes out my office and asks, “where did you back-up your photos” ?    WHAT? BACK-UP MY PHOTOS?  No, I didn’t do any such thing! 

Cayden, who was already in bed but not asleep, must have sensed my on-coming stress attack at the thought of losing all my photos.  Everything from the past five years. ALL MY PHOTOS.  I guess he must have seen me bang my head on his bedroom door frame and heard my moan as I banged my head a second time. Because, from his bed  he shouts out, “TRUST IN GOD!”.  Then follows up with, “I’M PRAYING FOR YOUR PICTURES MOMMY!”

Although I was still spiraling downward at the thought that all my photos were gone, I really had no choice but to grin.  Thankfully it was only a few minutes later that Ivan came to tell me, with relief on his face, that my photos had been found.

I quickly informed Cayden that his “praying my pictures” had worked.  I have since gotten wise and have purchased an external hard-drive to ensure my pictures are safe.  I never want to experience that feeling again.