Sunday, July 12, 2009

The BMX Track Gets Found

Yesterday Cayden and I were on a search for a little dirt track for him to test his new two-wheel biking skills. We never did find the track so this afternoon we made another attempt. We headed out the door before the rain clouds came and did a little more searching by the Canadian Tire, where two people mentioned thinking there was a track.

Ah hah! It was found! What a great little place for kids to hang out get some hang-time. Cayden had a blast. With a little confidence through practice he picked up speed and attempted even some of the bigger hills. It was rather funny because every time he'd go over a little hill he'd let out a loud giggle.

Were looking forward to making some more visits to the track in the future. He gave me a list of a few friends we should call and invite along. So don't be surprised to get an invite to hang out at the local BMX track by Cayden. Don't worry, he'll encourage you to start on the 'little bumps' first to get some practice.
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