Friday, March 13, 2009

Aversion of Fabric Store Mayhem

Tonight after a quick visit with Jan and Lara with nothing really else to do, I decided to make a stop at the fabric store. Have you ever been to the fabric store with an active 4 year old boy? All those fabrics to hide under. All those fabrics to run around. What fun! Well, I knew from past experience that taking Cayden into this store wouldn't really be the best place idea, but did it anyway. I knew ahead of time what I would be facing so I made the threats of "You better behave and not run around. Or else"!

Not a second after entering the store Cayden was jumping up on the bed and a staff member was after him about not climbing on the bed. Great. I immediately said to Cayden that the ladies of the store do not like it when little boys run around the store and don't stay with their mommy's. The lady immediately lightened up and made a promise to Cayden that good little boys get balloons when they leave the store. After browsing the wonderful fabrics and some subtle reminders to behave, we were ready to leave the store. Cayden was then rewarded with his balloon as promised by the sales lady.
We went home to have a balloon and airplane race. Kind of a neat concept that Cayden came up with. The airplane won every time. To my surprise Cayden was actually able to blow his balloon up himself. Guess he's full of hot air, like his father of course!

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