Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cloudy With A Chance Of- Boring

Sitting in traffic on the # 1 Highway is never any fun.  Especially on a gorgeous day that was meant for gardening or anything other type of outdoor activity.  

My kids made the best of it.  Cayden was testing Jonah in timed math quizzes and Peyton practiced writing her name.  Or at least practiced the letters of her name.  I'm not sure if she has quite got the concept of putting them in order yet. But whatever kept her amused was fine by me.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying listening to a Mark Clark Podcast about something of interest to stretch my mind just a little bit. The topic of Predestination vs Arminianism was more interesting than I thought and maybe a tad bit controversial for some.  

Interestingly, the clouds in the sky caught my attention in a way they never have.  I often look up to see if its grey and rainy or clear and sunny.  But never does a cloud actually interest me. 

 This cloud reminded me of one that is often drawn in a good old Archie Comic.  Round, fluffy, white and floating freely in the sky.  I was so in awe of how beautiful that I had to share my enthusiasm. So I told Peyton to look at the most amazing and beautiful cloud outside!

Her response.  'Mom.  That's boring.' 

Wow. Was I disappointed by my my little 4 year olds lack of enthusiasm. But then again... I've never really been all that interested either I suppose.  


Thursday, May 7, 2015

These Chicks Get Wings

It wouldn't be Spring Soccer without a few post-game wing nights at the local pub.  And after getting almost half way through the season, we finally made our first night out happen.

The players sitting around the table enjoying a drink and plate of amazingly tasty wings looks just a little bit different every year.  Yeah, I know we get older every year:)   But it's not the only thing that changes.

Every season our team loses some great teammates.  And every season we gain some new ones.  The great thing about becoming a 'Chicks That Kick' team member, is that you never fully get let go of by the team. We have had some amazing women be part of our circle of friends but unfortunately 'life' gets in the way. Some ladies move.  Some get hurt.  And some simply can no longer juggle the activities of the other family busyness.  And that's just the way life is.

So, when we sit around the table with new teammates and old, we often share stories and laugh at all those great memories of times past. Some of those memories include nursing babies on the sidelines, Fireball, speediness of our littles, Kelly and Julie.  Cindy's one play, take it right up the middle and score and  Cheryl's stories of Sweaty Crotch.  Oh there are so many more after 9 years of being a Chicks That Kick.

Our team never 'replaces' a player when they leave the team.  We simply 'add' a player.  Another newcomer that has different skills and other life experiences to share. And then we make more wonderful memories to share and laugh at.

It's the connecting and meeting of new women that I truly enjoy with our little team.  Well, this comes in at a close second to actually playing the game.  Best wishes to my past and present Chicks That Kick teammates!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Retreat From Everyday Chaos

This past weekend I took an opportunity to get off life's crazy train for just a short period of time.  And it was worth every minute of pre-planning kids pick-ups, drop-offs, food and all the other stuff mom's are responsible in our everyday life.  The time away at lakeside Kawkawa Lake Camp was absolutely amazing.

Imagine one hundred women taking part in camp-fire songs, Ga Ga Ball, Scavenger hunts, Kayaking, Hiking, Mission Impossible and shooting guns.  Ok, not every one took part in every activity.  But we all did sleep on those thin mattresses that had our poor womanly hips hitting the plywood on the beds. But hey, all part of the camp experience right? 

The speaker, Krista Penner, was outstanding.  She shared stories we could laugh at and relate to.  She was passionate about what she spoke to  us about.   One moment we were laughing and the next we may have had a tear in our eye. Much of the discussion and the theme of the weekend surrounded the topic of Legacy.  What is the Legacy we are leaving for our families and people around us?  

To top the weekend off, our outspoken leader Sarah shared something so... yikes.  I really don't even know how to describe it and I certainly will not be the person to repeat it. It was so random that it left many in shock and awe.  Jaws dropped and some really did fall out of chairs in laughter. All I can say is that what is shared at a women's retreat, stays at a women's retreat:)

Grateful is the word to describe how I feel.  Grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring and strong women.  And grateful for my family that lets me get away sometimes. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Elk Mountain Accomplished

Ever wanted to crawl back into bed after one of those very early Saturday morning hockey practices?  I mean really, it was still dark outside anyways. 

After kind of making plans to get my courage to try the Elk Mountain hike, I felt I just simply had to do it.  I didn't even line up a trail buddy just 'cause I wanted the option to back out if I simply wasn't feeling motivated enough.

But for whatever reason, I had this amazing sense of ambition.  So, before that ambition left, off I went.  Water, ear buds, phone and a carb loaded bagel to get me off to a good start.  I know many think it's simply crazy to go out on the trails alone.  But... I knew that it was highly likely there wouldn't be others this early morning also prepared to climb the mountain.  

And sure enough.  It was an Asian Invasion! A whole crew of people were preparing their packs and armed with walking sticks, ready to climb up to one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the Lower Mainland.  So,  just to feel like I was part of a crowd,  I set off with them.  See, I wasn't alone:)

But after slowly rounding a few corners, and I mean slowly, it was time to cut lose.  And off I went.  I am not sure what it was, but I was pumped to rock this climb.  And with Toby Mac music playing in my ears, I did rock it.  Right up to the top.

Only to discover: No View!  The clouds were all around me.  But, I truly did not care.  I still had a vision of the surrounding valley views in my head from the time I climbed this peak a few summers ago.  And with my heart pumping and my soul happy, I just imagined what was beyond the clouds.

After a few moments of peace, the peak started to get invaded by more climbers.  It was my cue to go.  And down the steep and slippery trail I went.  By the time I made it down to the bottom of the trail I had only lost one water-bottle over the side of the cliff and had mud half way up leg.  But all was awesome!  So looking forward to doing it again.  Very soon.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Perfection On Family Day Weekend

It was one of those kind of Sunday's.  Started with a great message from Pastor Matt and quickly followed with an impromptu plan to get outdoors with the family for a hike up Lyndeman.  And even more impromptu, was the invite to a family we didn't even know to join us.  I have seen the Friesen family on a weekly basis sitting just in front of or behind us every Sunday. And knew they have only been in Chilliwack for the past six months.  So, why not share the wonders of our little hillsides. 

It was hard to say what was the most rewarding.  The workout I got packing up a 30 pound bundle of cuteness, getting to know a lot more about a new family or the intense beauty of the Lake once we reached our final destination.  It  was all very good for my body, mind and soul. 

Peyton made me very proud.  She walked up the trail all on her own for the first time.  She has always been lucky to get a ride in my pack.  But with the addition of Ava, her time has come to an end.  But... she was pretty determined that she was not going to walk down.  Not this time anyways.

So, as persuasive as Peyton is, she convinced me to take her down.  And Jeremy, who had the empty pack going up, know had a rider for his very first time.  Yes, first time.  I'm the one that enjoys the extra workout and happily take on the extra weight challenge:)

So, an amazing day we had.  And looking forward to many more!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Four Going on Twelve

Wow, was I ever blasted by my little 4 year old spitfire, Peyton tonight.  I was in a bit of a rush, as per usual and I was tasked to quickly put on an episode of Barbie for the girls.  The TV wasn't co-operating with me, and in my impatience I told Peyton Netflix simply was not working.

Peytons hands reached out for the remote.  "Let me do it!  I'm 4 years old and know better than you how to make it work!"   I looked at her, or I should say glared at her and responded, "Fine, you do it!" with my own little snappiness. 

She takes the remotes and with a running commentary tells me exactly what she needs to do.  And Voila.  Barbie was on Netflix in only a few short moments.  A few thoughts went through my head.  Not totally polite of course.   I did just showed up by a four year old afterall.

 I have a very independant and bright girl on my hands and she knows way too much about electronics.  Could be a very good thing.  Or... I am in trouble:)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reliving November 2014

November 4 we celebrated Peyton's 4th birthday.  What a spunky little girl this 4 year old is.  She laughs at nearly everything.  Unless of course she isn't getting her way.  Then it's tears or her demanding little look.
 Peyton's favorite things and activities are fairly wide, which makes her even that more fun.  She loves to play with her Barbies.  And Ava too.  She is also good at being a great big sister to Ava.  The two are such a joy to watch together.  Peyton loves her dance and when the time is right will be perfect for a drama class.  This girl loves to be the center of attention for sure.  Since she is now 4, she has gained some new responsibility as well.  She gets to set the table at dinner and never complains.  Unlike her brothers that argue at every request.

Peyton is incredibly social.  And likes to line up her own sleepovers:)  And because she is confident and brave, she will walk right in to her friends with hardly a backward glance or even a wave.  This girl provides our family with such entertainment and we sure love her. 

My brother and I share our birthday and with my dad's being just a few days earlier and my older sisters being just a few weeks later, we love to celebrate together at The Capital.  Our favorite restaurant for sure.  The conversation around the table is always quite interesting. Sometimes we make people blush. But, we are a fairly open minded group and don't hold each other too accountable for poking fun at each other.

The ongoing birthday present saga did not let me down.  Frank is incredibly difficult to please.  A joke gift is never recieved well.  And neither is it ever forgotten.  Hence the Boxer shorts gift comes up every year!  So, I thought for sure this year I was doing OK.  A Tim Hortons gift card and a great big bag of Munchies for night time TV watching.  Before I even handed him his gift I said, "I don't want any complaints about the present I am giving you."

He opens it up, and no word of a lie this is what he says, " I don't drink Tim Hortons anymore and I like Ketchup chips."  Oh my was I ever mad!  But... I considered the source and said, "no more birthday gifts for you!"  Problem solved. But... unfortunately I will miss the birthday present drama:) 

Just another little hang out with my girls at our favourite stop. Starbucks.  Hot Chocolate for them and coffee for me.  A little book reading at times or just some giggles and talk.  I love these coffee dates and sure would love to include more of them into my schedule.

You would have thought my Aunt Francine and I had called each other to coordinate our outfits:) 

My first climb up Mt. Thom in almost 2 years!  And what a change. Gone were the nice woody trails and replaced was a nicely groomed pathways.  Perfect for the winter rainy season but will definitely not be my first choice for most of my trail runs in the future.  The one unchanged thing was the amazing view at the peak. After my climb with my new morning trail run partner, Tracy, I found myself very disappointed with my loss of endurance.  But the upside is, I have lots of room to get faster:)

An afternoon of cookie making for the kidlets and Silke.  It was so nice to come home from work to trays of sugar cookies just waiting to be decorated.  I think the boys had enough interest in decorating just one cookie each.  Then off they snuck, cookie in hand leaving Peyton and Silke with the balance of a sea of cookies. Wow did I admire Peytons diligence!  She did not quit until every cookie was decorated.  Even Silke was sick of cookie decorating by that point. 

Mommy's chair usually sits empty.  It seems I rarely get to sit down long enough to enjoy it.  But when I do, I feel a deep sense of well-being and a little wisp of regret at how busy times are these days.  I'm guessing Peyton took this picture.  Pretty good I must say.  

Peyton and Ava enjoying some 'homework' time on the floor. Silly Peyton chooses the hardwood floor while cutie patootie Ava chooses a nice plush spot on the area rug.  

November seems like so long ago.  And I can't even remember all the many events that happened.  So grateful for the invention of camera phones to help capture these little moments as they happen:)