Thursday, September 3, 2015

Not Asking Enough Questions Results In A Crazy Adventure

I have become a lover of hiking. And a dreamer of spending more time in the mountains.  All the short and local ones have been conquered.  I've been waiting patiently for the opportunity to join on something new.  So, Sunday I was asked by a fellow hiker to join on a Tuesday afternoon hike.

Now, Roxanna is an avid hiker and a fantastic photographer.  We have done a past overnight hike and I really was looking forward to joining her on another great adventure.  But the truth is... I failed to research. And, I failed to plan.  The result... a truly great story of exhaustion, wetness, pride, very steep inclines and declines and all kinds of things I can laugh at myself about forever.

However, I did do a couple things right.  I told my husband I was going on an afternoon hike and where he should pick the kids up for work.  I also packed enough water and some snacks.

Where did I fail?  To ask the difficulty of the hike.  The length of the hike. And why spikes, headlamps and walking sticks were on the list of things I should bring along. When bringing a headlamp.  Ensure it actually has batteries!  When bringing dry clothes, put them in a sealed bag so that they stay dry.  And I failed to tell my husband that I wouldn't be home until at least 10:30pm.

Needless to say.  The hike was hours long.  A 27% incline.  Not much of a view due to the clouds and rain.  Exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Memorable and  with excellent camaraderie and conversation.  Only 3 other times in my life have I ever felt so physically exhausted.  So the moment I got home, I stumbled into the hot tub with a splash and reflected on the past few hours with a silly grin on my face.

After  the few things I did right and the many things that I should have done better, I am truly pumped at accomplishing a very difficult hike on a very wet day and having to use my iphone light to get me down the mountain the last stretch of the way. (Remember, no batteries in headlamp:( ) My life just wouldn't be the same with some memories of these kinds of adventures. Thanks to Amanda and Roxanna @intherivervalley for taking me along for the ride and keeping me encouraged all the way up and down that mountain.

I've got to mention Roxanna's In Reach was an excellent companion and comfort and something I highly recommend other thrill seekers invest in.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life's A Beach: At Least For Now

Some families dream of spending 2 whole weeks camping on a beach with sisters, brothers, parents, nieces, nephews and other random guests along the way.  Okay. This could just as easily be many peoples nightmare.

But, in our case, it's mostly all good.  Along the way some blowups may happen over crazy random things. And not always is the argument between kids.  Sometimes us six siblings have a meltdown moment too and request a much needed timeout.  I got myself into one little tiff this time!  We do have a week left.  But... all quickly gets forgotten and we move on.  And that is what I am proud about our crazy and loud family.

This year has been exceptional.  Definitely the signs of the eleven grandchildren all growing up.  A few less tantrums and tears to invade our quiet beach or water relaxation space.  It keeps us adults that much happier and much less annoyed.

This beach front camping in Osoyoos, BC is a long 33 plus year tradition for the Boesterd clan.  And it shows no sign of slowing down.  Evening bike rides, late night card games, boating, kayaking, swimming, snacking, book reading, bottle collecting, Home Hardware visits, and lounging in the lake take up most of our time each day.  And it almost never gets tiring.

We've raided the pool at the resort above to escape the high winds, uninvited.  Late at night after enjoying some late night drinks and lots of quiet my brother and I have had heartfelt conversations.  The ones that don't happen in every day life. Some quality time burning candles in ears. Very random, but yes, it did help the hard of hearing to hear a tad better:)  We've spent time at the bottle depot sorting out $250.00 worth of bottles, courtesy of all the kids entrepreneurship adventures.  After dark bike trips to the Windmill for curing ice cream cravings.  Another beer stop, my most satisfying drink of choice on a hot day on the lake:)  We have some duck whisperer activities happen and some of the best times for everyone is after a "Marcy Visit".  And a whole lot of wonderful Sangria making!

It's 9:30 in the morning here, and my girls are still sleeping!  I've had my morning coffee, responded to some important emails, read a few chapters in a good book and all in utter peace.  Yes, life's a beach.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Whipperwhirl Wanderers

It was a very rare Ava and I kind of morning.  After a somewhat sleepless night, I kinda wanted to just hang out for a quiet morning at home just chilaxing.  Also very rare and treasured.

But, I knew I would have all kinds of regrets wasting this amazing morning with just the two of us, so shook off the lazytude and loaded up the back-pack and off the two of us went in search of a mini adventure.  Going off a few Club Tread recommendations we made our way out  in search of the Whipperwhirl/Sandy Beach trail on the West side of Harrison Lake.

Thankfully the directions we followed were perfect.  The length of time it should have taken us was bang on.  The route markers were as described.  The Sandy Beach was found.  The River was were it should have been.  Whew!  At one point I did wonder what the heck I was thinking doing this unknown trail on such a deadline. But... we managed to get back to pickup the other's with five minutes to spare even after a little photo shoot on the beach where Ava showed me some of her precious little growing up attitude:)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Legion Of Boom- Aka "The Boom Team"

I arrived at the field, parked and watched.  Carefully considering whether I should get out and join the team in front of me on the sidelines.  Or, stay sitting anonymously in 'the safe zone' of my vehicle.  See, I was asked if I would be interested in joining this Co-ed soccer team.  Almost completely full of people I didn't know.  Playing Co-ed would be a first for me and I was feeling a little lacking in confidence, especially after watching some very good soccer being played.

Finally, I got up some of my usual courage and casually walked over to stand beside those standing on the sidelines and quietly said hello.  The only two people I knew on the team were playing, so felt just a little out of place.   Awhile later Ravi came over and says, 'So, you playing with us?'  I could only nod and say yes.  So, the teams jersey and socks were thrown over to me and on the field I went to try to prove that I could fit in with the team.

I passed the test and officially became a member of the Legion of Boom team.  Or as my kids call it, "The Boom Team."   Most of my soccer play has been in the 'Over 30's Women's League and wow, what a difference.  The pace of the game, the passing, heading and everything else was so much more than I was used to.  And it was fantastic!  Certainly what I was looking for.

It took awhile for me to get to know this team.  And what a great mix of people.  Everyone was serious about playing great soccer and at the same time respectful of each other and encouraging.   We had a fantastic season, finishing in 3rd overall in our division.  Of course with the quality of players on The Boom Team, this shouldn't have been any surprise.

Our team had not just one great goalie, but two!  Jeremy and Dave M. both respectably made numbers of great saves, keeping us in every game.  With Chantelle's fantastic ability to bicycle kick the ball multiple times and getting it into the open almost every time.  Casey's coaching(yelling:) from the back line. Corey's amazing speed, ball control and his ability to get to the ball no matter where he was on the field.  My fellow defence ladies, Ashley, Nicole and Dee who all played so well protecting our goalies as we could.

Paula who made so many great crosses through the season and who brought her awesome parents to many a game to keep a watchful eye on the many kids.  Ravi and Dave who not only did a great job of managing the  team but played each position they needed to and with such grace:) Ryan could run for miles and who was such a solid but quiet presence.

The Witt sisters.  As many called them.  Jess and Jen.  Excellent players with many a goal and such great control of the play.  After a full season of trying to remember who was who, I finally came to the realization that I should just give up, like many others had and just call "Witt" and one of them would respond.  Lol.  And then there was sweet Alana.  Ever smiling and making many a great play from the front line.

Tournament weekend finally came!  And we were ready and excited to finish the season strong.  But wow! Was it ever a hot one.  Playing 4 games through that heat was challenging for sure.  Many great memories were made, great soccer played and lots of hard work.

One of my favourite memories was when Dave was running back to beat the ball that was going over his head.  Arms were flailing to give him some momentum, and he touched the ball 'accidentally'.  Resulting in yet another yellow card and awarding him a place on the sideline for the balance of game.  I still wonder if he was terribly unhappy about the call.  He did after all get an early start on the cold beers.

Even with Dave on the sideline, we did manage to win the game 3-2.  A fantastic shot from outside the box and just under the top of the goal by Witt.  And both Ravi and Casey took the ball all the way from mid-field and got shots off near the goal line earning them a goal.

In the 3rd game, not our finest start, I managed to cause one of the opposing players biggest guys to the  drop solidly to the ground.  This earned him a whole lot of laughter by his team mates.  While I walked away innocently and without a card.  We didn't win this one in the end. But we certainly turned the game around in the second half, finishing with a 3-1 loss.  Ryan earned himself a well deserved goal is this one after putting on so many miles throughout the tourney.

Dave M. and Jeremy had some kind of agreement that Jeremy would play goal for the final games of the tourney.  But Dave was on the hook to score a goal.  And that he did and in fine form in the final game.  He managed to score the games only goal giving us our third win and Jeremy played for the shut-out.

Thanks to the Legion of Boom for allowing me and my family to be part of the team.  And to Dave and Ravi who did a great job of building an engaged team and keeping us so well organized.  I owe my husband alot of gratitude for not giving me to hard of a time for being away at soccer for two to three nights a week.  To my kids who loved to come to each of my games and Peyton who always said, "good job mom."  Often they had no idea even the colour of the team we played against because they really just came to play and that was just fine by me. And last but certainly not least, thanks to Paula's mom and dad who came out to many a game to watch as well as keep an eye on all the kids while we focused on the game.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mom, Your More Manly Than Dad!

A fresh load of rock arrived to be spread nicely over our parking area which needed a little aesthetic attention.  So, Jeremy spent a few hours early this evening feathering and levelling the rock to perfection.  Just the way he likes it.  Untouched and a thing of beauty.  

A few hours later, I arrived at home feeling a little youthful and spirited after a fantastic evening at the soccer field.  As I drove down the driveway I looked to my right and saw this beautiful sea of rock.  And it simply called my name.  With the encouragement of my kids I gunned my mommy truck onto the rocks and  did a few donuts, disturbing this thing a beauty quite substantially.  

My thoughts were, uh oh.  Jeremy's going to give me so much sh**t.  But, I couldn't resist and after one smoke show, we did another.  I hear Cayden yell, " Mom, your more manly than dad!"  Peyton shouts, 'Oh, my nuts!'  (who knows where she got this phrase and what she meant)  Ava's giggles, 'That fun, that fun!'.  And Silke's hanging on for dear life but still smiling.

I sort of wanted to say, 'don't tell dad'.  But I knew that wasn't teaching my children good things.  And really, he is most definitely going to see the results of my moment of fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cloudy With A Chance Of- Boring

Sitting in traffic on the # 1 Highway is never any fun. Especially on a gorgeous day that was meant for gardening or anything other type of outdoor activity.

My kids made the best of it. Cayden was testing Jonah in timed math quizzes and Peyton practiced writing her name. Or at least practiced the letters of her name. I'm not sure if she has quite got the concept of putting them in order yet. But whatever kept her amused was fine by me.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying listening to a Mark Clark Podcast about something of interest to stretch my mind just a little bit. The topic of Predestination vs Arminianism was more interesting than I thought and maybe a tad bit controversial for some.

Interestingly, the clouds in the sky caught my attention in a way they never have. I often look up to see if its grey and rainy or clear and sunny. But never does a cloud actually interest me.

This cloud reminded me of one that is often drawn in a good old Archie Comic. Round, fluffy, white and floating freely in the sky. I was so in awe of how beautiful that I had to share my enthusiasm. So I told Peyton to look at the most amazing and beautiful cloud outside!

Her response. 'Mom. That's boring.'

Wow. Was I disappointed by my my little 4 year olds lack of enthusiasm. But then again... I've never really been all that interested either I suppose.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

These Chicks Get Wings

It wouldn't be Spring Soccer without a few post-game wing nights at the local pub.  And after getting almost half way through the season, we finally made our first night out happen.

The players sitting around the table enjoying a drink and plate of amazingly tasty wings looks just a little bit different every year.  Yeah, I know we get older every year:)   But it's not the only thing that changes.

Every season our team loses some great teammates.  And every season we gain some new ones.  The great thing about becoming a 'Chicks That Kick' team member, is that you never fully get let go of by the team. We have had some amazing women be part of our circle of friends but unfortunately 'life' gets in the way. Some ladies move.  Some get hurt.  And some simply can no longer juggle the activities of the other family busyness.  And that's just the way life is.

So, when we sit around the table with new teammates and old, we often share stories and laugh at all those great memories of times past. Some of those memories include nursing babies on the sidelines, Fireball, speediness of our littles, Kelly and Julie.  Cindy's one play, take it right up the middle and score and  Cheryl's stories of Sweaty Crotch.  Oh there are so many more after 9 years of being a Chicks That Kick.

Our team never 'replaces' a player when they leave the team.  We simply 'add' a player.  Another newcomer that has different skills and other life experiences to share. And then we make more wonderful memories to share and laugh at.

It's the connecting and meeting of new women that I truly enjoy with our little team.  Well, this comes in at a close second to actually playing the game.  Best wishes to my past and present Chicks That Kick teammates!