Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Testing The Urban Barn Comforts

Peyton and I enjoyed a nice little girls day out which included a stop at one of my favorite home decor stores, Urban Barn.  Whoee, do I ever wish my budget allowed me to do a full decor re-do.  I simply drool at all the beautiful options.

I probably would have enjoyed my outing a little more if I had been on my own.  Because every time I turned around, Peyton had hopped in yet another beautifully staged bed.  Before I shooed her out of each and every one of them, I just had to snap a picture of my little gem.

The staff members were somewhat amused as I quickly remade each and every bed to perfection.  Wow, is this little girl ever fun!

Monday, July 21, 2014

The 'Mommy Truck'

When growing a family from four members to six, there are many items to take into consideration.  One of them for us was how the heck were we going to get six people to and from family activities.  Our good old Jetta simply wasn't going to cut it.  Unless someone was willing to ride in the trunk.  We had no takers when we put the offer on the table surprisingly enough:)

So, vehicle hunting we went.  For a whole year!  I knew exactly what I wanted as well as exactly how much I was willing to pay.  So, much to Jeremy's torment, I was willing to hold out for the perfect match.   Finally, a  few months ago when the finalization of our adoption seemed to be coming, I quietly put the search into high gear.

It was almost midnight and the perfect vehicle hit the local craigslist.  A lovely white GMC Acadia that seated 7, had leather and very low kilometres.  An answer to my silent prayers!  Off went the email requesting a viewing and an offer of full asking price.  Yes, it was that good of a deal:)

The next morning I received an email from the seller.  She was overwhelmed by the response by people, but stood by the line, 'first come, first served'.  So I sent of a text message to my hubby.  "We are looking and buying our new vehicle in North Van tonight.  What time can you be home?"

Jeremy's reply was, "Say what?"  Followed shortly by, "sounds great.  be home at 6".  Yep, that's how fast we can make things happen.  And that's how much my awesome husband trusts me:)

We finally got the opportunity to load that seven passenger baby up this past Sunday.  All seven bum's fit rather comfortably in this roomy 'Mommy truck'.  Yes, that's what we call it.

The name came from the confusion of now owning 3 vehicles.  Boo!  It sucks to have to pay for 3 insurances, keep 3 vehicles fuelled, washed and serviced.  But, it makes sense and at the day.  The Jetta gets the most mileage cause it's the perfect little commuter and makes me feel less guilty driving back and forth and all around cause it's so awesomely cheap on fuel. And it's the easiest to park in those tiny little shopping store parking stalls.

So when heading out on and adventure the kids will ask.  "Are we going out in the Jetta, Mommy Truck or Daddy Truck?"  Having a name for them all takes the confusion out of it all.

Yes, Jeremy was very happy to have a 'Daddy Truck'!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Adopted In Love

The day has finally arrived!  Our family has officially grown from a four to six members, and are we ever excited about what our future may be.  We welcomed Jonah and Ava, the most precious sister and brother duo, into our family today.

I'd like to introduce the children that we now call 'our children'.

Jonah is such a joy.  Full of energy. I am certain that he is my answer to a great weight loss program:) Just hand out with him for awhile to know what I mean.  He is a super hero fan.  Loves to swim, watch movies and play with lego.  Jonah is almost 6, and is already making out his birthday list for his new friends and family to make it 'easy' for them to get what he likes.  He is on his way to Grade 1 this coming year and is excited to ride the bus for the first time with his 'big brother' Cayden.

Ava is a quiet and easy to please little one and half year old toddler.  She wanders from room to room making her own fun.  She loves snuggles, on her terms and will do a little dance for you when asked.  Ava is also a fan of swimming just like the rest of her family.  Ava has an inquisitive nature and loves to help out and hang around just to be close and a part of the activity.

Peyton and Cayden have been a part of the adoption process from the beginning.  They put in their 'requests' and very nearly got what they wished for.  At times, during the long adoption process they nearly ran out of patience waiting for this day to come.  So often I would hear Cayden asking, 'when are they coming"?   We are extremely happy with how our four children are getting along and loving their new family.  I know that there are going to be 'moments', but we will take them as they come and grow with each and every fight and hug.

Our family had such a great time today making memories of the day Jonah and Ava became part of the McEachern family.  We started with the official signing of the paperwork.  Then burned some energy at a wonderful water park.  Followed by some good old fashioned swimming at the neighbourhood pool. And to top off the night, we enjoyed our favorite treat, Blizzards.  We toasted each other with our paper cups of ice-cream and finished off an awesome day with a movie that Jonah got to pick.

Many wonder what made us decide to adopt.  We had everything that many families want.  A healthy boy and girl who we love dearly and a great life.  But, we felt it was our calling to open our hearts and house to some children who really needed a 'forever' mom and dad to love them.  And that we will.  We also feel that they will be a blessing to us.  Bringing even more joy and laughter to our home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Another Great Day

The day started bright and early for a Tuesday 'day off'.  It was a mad dash to get to the school to be a 'mom helper' and serve the Greendale Elementary students with a delicious pancake breakfast.  Seldom do I get the opportunity to help out with Cayden's school, so I cherish the times when it works out with my work schedule.  

 Peyton and I got some time out to hang out with Brownie and Jack.  Our first relaxing time with them this year!  These guys loved the attention.

After spending time with Brownie and Jack, it was time to get busy.  finally, a nice sunny day to get our garden planted.  I am a fair weather gardner you see, so that's why the delay:)  My little Miss P.  was such a good helper.  Almost a little too good.  I could hardly keep her from ripping all the packages apart and wanting to plant everything. Her way.  Which really is not my way.  But, we got it done.  A nice variety of some nice healthy veggies.  And even some strawberry plants for some delicious desert treats.

 After some time getting the garden in, it was time to weed and rake some garden beds.  Every bit of hard work is worth it as I sit back and look at all our work.  I simply can't help but feel some pride for a weed free back yard that has so much colour and texture to enjoy after a hard day at work.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scrapping The Weekend Away

At some point, Jeremy and I thought it would be a good idea for him to plan a weekend trip to Alberta.  Just a short weekend.  Over 10 hours of driving each way.  In a small car, and with his mom.  And I would not be along for the ride.

It all sounded good at the time, and then the reality hit me last weekend after just a 4 hour drive to Loon Lake.  I was close to losing my insanity after the squabbling of my lovely but feisty two children.  It was then that I thought to myself, what a terrible idea!  I won't even be there to keep the peace!  

As the weekend came nearer, I packed the best I could to keep kids full of good snacks, movies and reading material.  All those things in separate 'packs' so no sharing would be necessary.  Anything to avoid a breakout in yelling or tears. 

With a hug and kiss, and many reminders to not fight, I got them off on their crazy little weekend getaway.  Keeping my fingers crossed it would be fantastic.  Then... I headed off on my own little weekend getaway with a group of crafty ladies.

Lots of laughter, eating, creating and very little sleep was what the weekend entailed.  I even managed to catch up on a number of my favorite TV shows in between interesting conversations.  The range of topics were enlightening and some were never meant to be shared with the outside world:)

Two days later, I haven't heard from my family, other than a short text announcing their arrival at the final destination.  I am sure hoping that this is a sign of a great trip!  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Look Who Turns Nine!

This boy entered our lives 9 years ago today.  He has brought us so much joy and laughter.  Cayden has always been a happy kid.  Easy to please.  Passionate about the things he loves.  Encouraging and adventurous.  He knows how to be so charming, sometimes just to get what he wants. 

Some my favourite things about Cayden is his keen mind and his genuine love of everything active.  Sometimes this is also my least favorite because it certainly gets him into trouble.   I am proud of Cayden for being a thoughtful boy.  He is kind and courageous and I love him for it. 

I am proud of Cayden's abilities in his sports playing, especially his goal scoring season in hockey.  I cheer the loudest of all the parents:)  I am proud that Cayden faithfully practices piano and is growing as a performer.  I am proud of Cayden for having the courage to help a classmate sing a song in front of the school.  I have so many things to be proud of this guy for and can only imagine that he is destined for great things.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo Fun With The Elgersma Family

My little sister, Jolene, encouraged me to get some practice using my camera.  Of course she wanted me to use her family for a practice photo shoot.  The location of the shoot was absolutely perfect!  Right on their family farm.  I only got to a few of the many locations on the farm and look forward to going back and practicing some more.

I know Mikayla and Jordana love to have their pictures taken and could be convinced to let me get some more practice.  John also was exceptional! Always had a smile, was relaxed and always looked in the right location.  Unlike his wife that was far too worried about everyone else and was often the offender of not looking or smiling.  But that's OK.  I'm sure I was the worst offender when I had family pics taken as well. 

I definitely could tell that I am way out of practice.  It seems that my camera has not left it's resting  place in the camera bag for far too long and I was a bit out of my element working with the lighting and sharpness of my photos. 

But it was very fun.  I spent three hours going through the photos, deleting and editing over 400 pictures!  I was reminded how much I do enjoy taking pictures and also how much there is still to learn:)