Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Health Challenge Fever

As I sit at my computer typing in emails, adding people to the Facebook group, replying to emails and messages, sending out info, I sit here and enjoy a new episode on The Biggest Loser.


I see people working hard, crying, screaming and throwing up.  I would love to go through a process as intense as this, just to challenge me.  But, I am pretty satisfied with our little Health Challenge Group. 

I love the support and encouragement of people.  I love the ease of following the guidelines at a pace I can manage.  I love reading about the success of others.  I love that also have the potential to win a little money to help me with my new wardrobe. I simply love everything about it.

So, here I am, thankful for being introduced to my first Challenge last spring.  Here I am after taking the past 4 months off from competing, ready to challenge myself again.   Here I am so ready to hit some of my last goals. 

This last goal was so much closer to reach at the end of the last challenge I participated in.  After a Christmas season in which I lacked  a lot of self control, this goal has slipped farther from my grasp than I had hoped:(  But, back to it I go!

I will not be competing in the January Health Challenge.  Lucky for all. But I will be competing in the Dawson Creek Challenge.  This is run by a friend of mine that competed in it with her husband in the fall.  They were so successful as a couple that they inspired so many people that it made sense to run a Dawson Creek Group.  They reached over 3o participants in the first round and are still growing.

After their last challenge, some of their members from Calgary started their own, because they also were so successful.  This new Calgary group is also reaching over 30 members in their first round. 

There is a Health Challenge Fever going on!  And it is fantastic!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Miss You Guys

It was nice to get this text, “Hey, it’s a couple days late, but Happy New Year! miss you guys. lots.’’

Brought a few tears because we miss this guy so much.  It feels like forever since Ivan lived with us.  He was a huge part of our family.  It really has only been four months since we said our teary good-byes.

Cayden figures that Ivan will be back living us when he turns nine.  Poor kid. He really misses his “big brother”.  I had to break it too him that he would be at least ten before Ivan made his way back to Canada.  At least another 2 years.

Happy New Year to you too Ivan! Wishing you the best as you become a man through your army enlisting experience next month:)




Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye Christmas of 2012

It’s official.  I have officially said goodbye to the past Christmas season.  With a wisp of sadness I packed all my Christmas décor away.


2012 Christmas 037

2012 Christmas 035

2012 Christmas 026

2012 Christmas 005

2012 Christmas 033

2012 Christmas 184

My house feels slightly bare.  I think it’s time to go on a little Décor shopping trip.  My favorite kind of shopping trip. 

Although, maybe it’s time to get creative instead.  I have ‘Pinterested’ so many amazing DIY projects, maybe I need to just try a few things and save lots of money!