Monday, August 8, 2011

Party In The Park Fun

What a gorgeous Friday night it was! We haven't seen a whole lot of this yet in our fabulous town of Chilliwack, but we certainly will look forward to a few more over the next few weeks as summer vacation is on the wrap-up side of things.

One of the things we enjoy to do a few Friday nights of every summer is to Party In The Park at Central Park in downtown Chilliwack. It is a fun and free event for the whole family to enjoy.

The very first thing we do when we arrive is to get to the face-painting tent. This is always a highlight for Cayden. And secretly for me too as I enjoy watching Cayden sport his new face with excitement every time. This time, Peyton even got to join in the fun.

Awe, our sweet little Butterfly.

I'm still really not sure what this is supposed to be:)

Super-cute Face-Painted duo.

After face-painting came cookie decorating. Yum. Wish they would let the parents join in.

Then came a round of mini-golf.

Followed by a list of super fun things including the bouncycastle,fish slapping , free slurpee's, music and a visit to the street market.

It was at the street market that I was enticed to purchase a naughty but yummy piece of freshly made Bannock, topped with some butter and cinnamon sugar. Delicious. Will stop for more Bannock for sure next time again. Unless of course the Mini-donuts get me first.

A wonderful Friday night it was. We are looking forward to a few more of these for sure!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Bee Sting For Mom

Fifty-five years ago, my one and only mom was born. One would have thought that the first thing I would have done today would have been to call and wish her a Happy Birthday. Oops.

With a disappointed sigh, she informed me of who had called her this morning. My name wasn't on the list.

It became clearly obvious
that she appreciates her morning Birthday Wishes. I thought distract her by asking what was her favorite type of Birthday Cake. I had hoped that she would say 'Icecream or Carrot or cheesecake.' You know, something that could easily be purchased. No such luck. I got what I deserved.

She announced 'Bee Sting' with pleasure.
As soon as she left the office, on the phone I was. Calling every bakery in town. The answer was the same every time. 'No Bee Sting cake here.'

I had one choice left and that was to make one myself. Thinking about the time I would need, I was negative two hours. I had to solve the lack of time problem. So I did what any other problem solver would have thought to do. I delegated a portion to my sister.

We tag teamed at Safeway where I picked up her portion of the caking making as well as the ingredients I needed for my portion. Sailed home and in a frantic frenzy and completed the cake.

My family and I celebrated Mom's birthday dinner at The Capitol. Our entire families favorite restaurant. Ever so delicious as usual.

I presented Mom with her favorite chocolate bar, an iTunes card to purchase some new e-books, a hand-created card and a freshly made Bee Sting cake.

I restored favor in my mothers eyes. My lack of a morning Birthday wishes was quickly forgiven. To avoid any future issues, I am already setting my calendar to remind me at 7:30 am next August third to call my dear mother and wish her a 'Happy Birthday'.

Happy 55th Birthday Mom! Wishing you an amazing year.