Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Road Trip To Ikea

What better place to find some storage ideas than at Ikea. I don't buy a lot of furniture here but am always drawn to the functional and great looking rooms that display their wares. One of my favorite lines of storage units is the Expedite line. I love the way you can fill them up with baskets to hide the messy things as well as books and other display items.

Just a little over 1 year ago a friend and I decided to make a similar trip to Ikea. Cayden was just shy of 3 years old. We got him totally excited about the trip to Ikea with the promise of a wonderful time playing in Smaland with other children. We got there, took his shoes off, stood him at the "Check Height" line, saw that he was mere millimetres under the line and lined up to sign him in. Well, we got him to the counter, they measured him again and told us that millimetres under the line was not tall enough. Wow, the happy moment quickly became a sad moment.

This trip Cayden was a little over 4 years old and measured a little above the "Check Height" line and made it in to Smaland. He had a blast and I got 1 hour of time to myself to wander the store. We both left Ikea happy. He got 'play time' and I got 'alone time.' Such a wonderful thing when we have 'win-win' situations.

Have a wonderful day!

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