Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hard At Work As Usual

Wow, just look at the Dynamic Dispatch Duo at Denbow! Can you believe that work actually does get done in this office? Well, the story is that we took a bit of a time-out to process some serious and unexpected news. I had just hung up the phone after a routine weekly check-in to one of our largest local suppliers of forest-by-products. I recieved the unexpected and undesired news that due to the continuing struggles in the world market that mills would need to take an extra shut-down break. All I could do was let out a loud groan followed by something that went along the lines of " HOLY SH____" Well, needless to say it was then time to just put our feet up, close our eyes, lean back and just relax for a moment before we had to get back to business and dissappoint many of our wonder equine clients. The great news is that just four weeks later were back on track and able to deliver to them with ease once again.

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