Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Night Of Jelly Bellies And Fairies

It was such a nice evening to be out walking the streets of Ford Creek tonight with friends.  Scrambling the streets and going from door to door asking for candy this one night each year. Meeting many families and friends enjoying to same fun activity.

I think for days I'm going to hear "Knock knock, Trick or Treat!" going round and round in my head in the sweet sing-song voice of Peyton and Maelle.   It was the cutest thing to watch these two little cuties run from door to door squealing in excitement.  It took a few doors for Peyton to realize that it no one was going to take her precious candy.  

Cayden had his own fun running through the neighbourhood with a group of jelly bellies.  They looked fantastic thanks to Cindy's creativity:)  

A few hours later, belly's and bag's full of candy and tons of laughter and fun, it was time to say goodnight.  Just another fantastic night of memory making good times.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Buddies Or Not?

One would think that these two bright and amazing little people really are great friends.  Not!  Everyday I say a little prayer that it one day will be so.  Still waiting. Very patiently:)

Most of the time when Peyton and Cayden are within five feet of each other, either one of two noises could be heard.  Crying or arguing.  And I am mostly serious.  As frustrating as this is, I do believe that one day the fighting will end and be replaced by laughter and love.

We do see signs of this from time to time.  When it happens, Jeremy and I quickly search out a camera or video and capture the moment.  Just to confirm that it really did happen:)  We treasure these moments and they are the ones that keep us believing these two crazy kids will be great friends. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Day At The Zoo

For years the kids have asked for a trip to the Zoo, but there is always 'somewhere' else to be or 'something' else to do.  I am so thankful to Anna for suggesting that this fine October day would be a great day to go to the Zoo.

The morning started with some cloudy skies, but rain seemed unlikely.  And in fact, the rain did stay away and the clouds disappeared as well.  Nothing but sunny skies and nearly 20 degree temperatures.  Now that's a fine day to be outside wandering for hours oohing and ahhing at all those magnificent creatures God created.

One of our favorite things we saw were the chickens.  Of all things, the chickens.  Now, they were not 'ordinary' chickens.  They were fancy and fun to watch.  Some looked like punk rockers and some looked fit for the palace.   Next came the giraffe.  We got to see her at snack time, mowing down a full tree.   The zebras and lions of course were also amazing, as were so many other great animals.

One of the funniest things to see wasn't the animals, but Peyton, pushing a 'tired' Cayden:)  What a great little sister.  We all had such a great day together building memories of time together in the great outdoors.  

PS: We didn't crop Jeremy out:)  He was missing the action in BC but enjoying the wedding action of Kevin in Ontario.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out of The Mouth of Peyton

Children are know to be so open and honest.  And, so very random.  The conversations with Peyton today were not unlike any other.  The subjects are often different, but the delivery much the same.

A typical bedtime routine in our house is teeth, brushing potty, book reading and a little prayer.  Then I like to enjoy some random conversations about the day gone by.  Being a two-year old, Peyton's conversations are always interesting and mostly very funny.

The bedtime conversation tonight drifted into her very recent visit to the hospital to see my Grandfather. These are her words: "I touched Grandpa's hair.  I told him to wake up and he opened his eyes." Her next words were, "I'm going to have cereal tomorrow".  Yes, we pretty much just finished dinner and desert and she is already thinking about her morning meal:)

Only a day later, my Grandpa passed away.  So, I asked Peyton after her 'cereal' distraction if she believed in God.   Her quick and easy response was, 'I think so'.  Sigh.  So sweet and so innocent. Yeah, I know, she's only 2 but I was curious what her response would be.

In the past  few months I have taken Peyton a few times to see my Grandpa.  She would sing and dance for him and run around the room being her usual silly and cute little self.  He treasured his short little visits from his silly little granddaughter and his face would always light up.

It is human nature to have regrets of 'what if's and I wish'  when someone passes away.  And I have a few of my own.  But... I quickly remind myself of good times and great memories of years past.  On Sunday I had my own last visit with him.  He must have sensed what was coming because he clearly told me he loved me and wanted to hold my hand in his for a long time.

I shared some great memories of my childhood times spent with him and my grandma. We talked about my love to go fishing with him.  How proud I was to visit him at the Base he was stationed in where he would look so impressive wearing his uniform.  The late night horror movies that we could only watch when staying at their house and the scruffy face chin rubs.

I am grateful for my last few hours with Grandpa and all the memories I will cherish forever.