Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hockey's A Rough Sport Mommy

The following is a one sided conversation Cayden was having once he was told I would be playing ice hockey tonight. " Hockey's a rough sport mommy. Make sure you don't get hit into the boards, OK? Tell them to be nice and not hit you into the boards. It's not nice. It's really rough right mommy?

I had to laugh. He's so innocent. Cayden and Ivan came to watch me play hockey one time this season. Cayden was my number one fan. He kept shouting "Hi mommy!" every time I skated within hearing distance. Everyone thought he was the cutest thing, and he was! I remember distinctly get slammed into the boards. I'm guessing it made quite and impression on Cayden and that's when he got the idea that hockey is a "rough sport."

Cayden tried on my hockey Jersey. Only to inform me that "it stinks". Yes, it did. Alot of hard work was done wearing that Jersey!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednessday

Very creative photo's.

I escpecially like this one. Something I find myself needing to be reminded of often.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring at The Farm

The Creek Dwellers
Our wonderful host, Ernie Charleton

Joshua and Sheldon find some candy on the hunt.

Tamiko Charleton, wife of crazy Ernie, and also host.

What a beautiful day it was today. It was perfect for a big outdoor picnic at the Charleton Farm. I am so grateful when the weather co-operates with our plans. The "Spring At The Farm" event is an annual Family Connections event hosted by Central Community Church. We count on an average of 100 people at this fun event. Wow, did we get a great turnout today! We must have had over 150 people. So many extras that we in fact we ran out of food! OOPS! Thanks Ernie for running out for some more hot dogs. We definitely don't want people to not show up at future events for fear of starving!
The day started with a 7:30 wake-up call from Suzanne. I ignored the phone. Got up at 8:30. Hit "message" on our answering machine. And there was Suzanne asking how spicy my Chili was. What Chili? I had no idea it was on my list of things to do! In ten minutes flat Chili was simmering in the crock pot. Yes, my kitchen did look like a natural disaster, but it did clean up well.

The kids had a great time. We had tractor rides that took the kids out to the 'forest' to find bags of candy, Volleyball, Face Painting, Balloon animals and many other activities for people to enjoy. Tamiko even managed to get us a gold panner who spent the afternoon showing kids how to pan for gold. Pastor Nate provided us with a great group of youth to help pull off the event. We are grateful for this. It's always allot of work for those of us on the planning committee, but always worth the effort. Many hands make light work. Well, one month left to plan our next event. The "Photo Scavenger Hunt". Here's to another successful event!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Tsunamis Go!

Alright! It's that time of year again. Soccer time. I have waited patiently for ten months to play in my second season of spring soccer. It was well worth the wait. Last year was my first year of playing soccer in twelve years! Yeah, I know. Makes me sound a little old, right? I was a little nervous that I might have lost any skill I might have had, but after a few games found my game once again. We went all the way to the finals and lost by one goal against an amazingly talented group of women. "The Whites". They didn't lose a single game all year and wow did we give them a fight.

This season we are already two games into the season. We currently have a 2-0 record. The best part of it all is that our goalie, Jan, just had a baby 3 weeks ago and is already kicking butt in goal. Another amazing thing about Jan is that last season she played for us as well, while undergoing cancer treatments. She is our teams inspiration for sure.

I have started this season as out of shape as I started last season. With a huff and a puff I manage to still make it up and down the field. I'm sure that in another few games I'll be wheezing a whole lot less. At least I'm hoping so.

The girl in red is Jan. Just three weeks post baby delivering
Our new Jerseys look great. We almost look professional.

Sonya, our ultra serious team leader. She loves to yell, then apologize for it after. LOL.

Coach Dwayne. It's great to have him on the sidelines encouraging us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Dog Spots

Actually, Spots is Cayden's dog not mine. Another "stage" were going through. Everywhere Cayden goes, Spots is sure to join. Tonight we were headed out on our bikes to the store. Almost ready to pedal away. But STOP! What about Spots? Off to get a backpack for hauling Spots around. Spots needed to see too so we allowed him to poke his head out a little. Off we went, only to have to pull over a few doors down. Seems the backpack was a little too big and rode the back wheel a little. So I had to throw the backpack onto my back. I tried to stuff Spots down to the bottom so no one could see what I was carrying only to have Cayden insist that Spots needed to be able to see too. With Spots on my back, off we went. Wow, it was hard work! A tad bit windy. Definitely can't say I didn't get my workout today!

PS: I'm still looking for an authentic fire helmet to finish of Cayden's room. Anyone able to help out, please let me know!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wordless Monday

What better than to start the week with a few good laughs. Have a great Monday!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

But They'll Bounce Off The Walls!

I don't think there is one day that goes by that Cayden doesn't say something so funny or strange that you can't help but to laugh out loud. Today Cayden and I went for a quick walk to the park. On our way back home I told Cayden that we were going to for a drive to Costco in Abbotsford and a bookstore for some gifts for his Happy Hearts teachers. Cayden let out this huge sigh and says, "Oooohhh, I'm tired. That takes so much Air-engy" (Cayden's word for energy). I thought he was talking about walking home but he told me that sitting in the car and driving to Costco took 'Air-engy'.

After leaving Costco we headed to The House of James. I told Cayden that we were going to get some mugs as gifts for his teachers. He exclaimed, "What? But they'll bounce of the walls!" Yep, he was talking about his teachers. I think that maybe he has a different meaning for that line. I'm sure his teachers have said this often enough to him!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Budget 101

budget (buj′it)
1. plan or schedule adjusting expenses during a certain period to the estimated or fixed income for that period
2. the cost or estimated cost of living, operating, etc.
3. the amount of money needed or allotted for a specific purpose
I can honestly say that the word "budget" has never been in my vocabulary. Jeremy and I both work and have never struggled financially so we have never felt the need to form one. Lately, I've put alot of thought in the importance of having a budget. With all the stories of the misfortunes that families are facing today due to losing their "secure" jobs, I feel that it is never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst.
So its time to do the deed; plan our spending. Wow, that sounds like not so much fun! It could go either of two ways; really successfully or really unsuccessfully. I guess it depends on how much willpower we have to think twice about unnecessary purchases. I'm looking forward to the challenge.
When Jeremy and I got married, we decided that one way to play fair in how much spending we did individually was to have an allowance. Remind you of when you were a kid? Hey, I never got an allowance as a kid so I got introduced to it as an adult. So, for the past seven years every other week we each get the same set amount of money to spend whatever we want for ourselves that wouldn't be classified as a necessity. Tim Hortons gets 90% of mine!
I always end up broke by the end of two weeks and have to raid the pop can bin to turn the cans in for some cash. How else would I be able to buy those last few coffees before the next paycheck. Hey, remember that I'm the one that often has two extra passengers to buy hot chocolates and timbits for so of course I'm going be the first one broke.

Off I go to draft up that budget. Have a great evening!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Work-out Tuesday

What a beautiful Spring day! These days are so worth the wait after that long winter. Today I started the day with a mission: to get as much yard work done as possible. It was also "hang-out" day with Cayden so he became my little helper. We started the day by picking up an aerator at the rental store. Yep, usually Tuesday's we start out at Starbucks but we skipped our hot drinks and Bible Study to spend our day outdoors.
Wow, that machine was heavy! Off to the races we went. Literally! I had to chase that machine around the yard like a dog chases a bone. When we were done our lawn was turned into a lawn full of "little poops" as Cayden called them. We set off pushing the machine down the side of the road. People must really wonder! A few days ago we were seen carrying a bag with a fish in it along the road and today we were seen pushing that crazy contraption down the side of the road. There is a reason for our wackiness. I'm always looking to saving money right? So I scanned the neighbourhood for someone else who was doing a lawn makeover as well. I found that neigbourhood and we split the rental. Hey, it was a full $20.00 savings so don't make fun of my "dutchness" alright.
It was time for our next task. Blackberry bush extermination. I have a vision of having a nice fire pit and sitting area down by the creek and those bushes are between me and my vision. For the past seven years those thorny blackberry bushes have been staring me in the face just daring me to destroy them. Every year the fierceness of them won. Until today. I have scratches all over my arms to prove it.
Our final task of the day before we called it quits was weed-control. On my back went my sprayer and off we went to turn those green weeds into brown dead weeds. It was a wonderful day by working out in the yard I got a serious work-out. Time to put up my feet and enjoy Sarah's Cottage, one of my favorite design shows as a treat for a job well done.

My pile of blackberry branches.
The area above is one of the areas I'm clearing.

Our freshly aerated lawn.

My little helper Cayden is hard at work pulling up horsetails.

My backyard sanctuary by the creek.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The McEachern Family's First Pet!

Seven years of marriage, and we finally have our first pet. It is a beautiful Beta fish with two names. At any given minute you can call it 'Ivan' or 'Jacob'. Both of whom are living people. One Cayden calls his 'Big Brother' and the other he calls his 'Best Friend'.
Why a fish you might ask? LOW MAINTENANCE!!... At least I'm told.
If you drove down Yale Road this afternoon you might have seen a mom, little boy, and a fish in a bag walking along. When we got home he insisted that we show his friends Brayden, to the West of us, and then Seth, to the East of us. I was trying to hurry him along and he told me to slow down or his fish would have a heart attack! Funny that he should say that, since I told him in the car not to shake the bag or he would give his fish a heart attack. Goes to show you that he does hear me although I often wonder.
Cayden then insisted that his fish needed to have a friend. I had to teach him the sad reality of Beta Fish. Beta Fish are a type of fish that will eat other fish. Even fish of their own type. Funny, he didn`t find that strange or sad.
This reminds me of one of my favorite and memorable gifts I have ever received. It was a Beta Fish that I had received from my dad as a child for my birthday. My younger brother had his birthday on the same day and he also received a Beta Fish. We put them in our fish tank and took good care of them. Every time we looked at them it appeared that their tales were getting shorter. Then one day we could only find one fish. Well, I guess the salesperson at the pet store forgot to give my dad a lesson on why NOT to purchase two Beta Fish!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

File Cop

Today was 'One of Those Days'. It started out lousy and really didn't get much better as the day moved on. By 10:00 I felt the need to hear some all-out laughter. Even at my own expense. So, I did something a three year old would do. I stamped my forehead. I got the response I needed. So much so that I even teared up from laughing so hard because of Tanya's shock at seeing my forehead. The funny thing is that I got this brilliant idea from my son Cayden. Only he had found a better stamp. His said 'PAID'. I had to make do with 'FILE COP"
Hey, we got to find the humour in every situation, right?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our First Trail-A-Bike Adventure

Spring is finally here after what seemed like a never-ending Winter. When the sun comes out it seems like everyone has the same thing on their mind; time to venture outdoors. This year I set my mind to getting outdoors with the family and spend time just having fun and getting some much needed excercise. I have always enjoyed the outdoors but it seems that I often find myself working on tasks rather than just relaxing and enjoying the time outside with our family.

One thing that is great to do as a family is to go out bicycling. We had a trailer that attached to my bike and only took it out two times last year. Cayden no longer enjoyed sitting in the bike trailer. It wasn't exciting enough and he wanted to bike ride as well on his 'big boys bike'. This year I thought a trail-a-bike would be a worthwhile investment. Our first bike ride of the Spring was a success. Cayden felt like a 'big boy' and Ivan wondered why we never biked together last summer. To Cayden and Ivan's pleasure we plan to go on a new and different adventure every sunny weekend. Who knows, maybe we'll end up in your neighbourhood.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Read The Small Print!

Alright, so the world is going crazy with the whole recession that's going on. I always have been on the look-out for deals or budget friendly fun in the past, even before entering this trying time. My co-worker sometimes even laughs at me for my "dutchness". You may wonder what I mean by that so let me explain. Have you ever heard the joke about how copper wire was invented? Well, its been said that copper wire was invented by two Dutchman fighting over a penny. LOL.
In my frugalness, I've been collecting free movie pass coupons on Cheerio boxes for the past while. My intent was to collect four of them so that our whole family could catch a movie for FREE! I finally got enough and planned for an incredibly low budget family night out. Dinner at McDonald' followed by the new Monster VS Alien movie. I figured that by the time all was said and done it would cost us only twenty-five bucks for a whole night out!
Wrong! The lesson I learned once I got to the theatre was that I should have read the fine print on those wonderful "Free Movie Coupons." The movie attendant politely pointed out that the movie passes were valid Sunday thru Thursday. Not Friday night!
So I made a quick decision to purchase two tickets for Jeremy and Ivan to go see the new Fast and Furious movie that all three of us adults really wanted to go see. I figured that since we now had to pay for our passes they may as well see a movie they really wanted to see. I took one for the team and purchased two tickets to the new animated 3D Monster VS Alien movie. Someone had to sit through it with Cayden. There were no arguments from Jeremy and Ivan. I actually enjoyed the movie. I especially enjoyed watching Cayden enjoy the movie.

Yep, valid Sunday Thru Thursday

Monster Vs Alien

Fast and Furious

At the end of it all it was a great night out. We all enjoyed that entertainment. Good thing Jeremy and I both still have jobs to fund these nights out!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednessday

What a wonderful April Fools Day. Today was the first day ever that I could remember that anyone has every tried to pull an April Fools joke on me. Not only tried, but succeeded. No kidding huh! Me? Pranked?
All started well today. I arrived at work. We had a very busy morning so I didn't get started typing orders until later in the morning. Finally I made an attempt only to find 'stuck keys' on my keyboard. I thought someone had spilled something sticky on my keyboard so in my attempt to 'fix' my keyboard I turned it upside down and started banging away to loosen the keys. Nope, didn't work. Next I thought I should try to pry my keys with a pen to get them unstuck. To my surprise, they unstuck alright. They flew through the air and I had to make chase so they wouldn't get lost. Well, it appears that Tanya and Willetta thought they'd get me back for who knows what so they pulled the middle row of letters off and shifted them around so that I would end up typing silly words.
Meanwhile, as I'm trying to get my keys re-positioned I got a call from Paul. He started rambling about this major virus that's running rampant. He goes on to tell me that to fix my computer, I needed to hit my esc button three times then hold down the space bar. I then did this and as I did this I was quick to realize that I had been played. Too late. Laughter erupted around me and I felt a little bit humiliated. But only a little bit. Really.

Well, it was fun. I can take it as good than I give it. Happy April 1st,