Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Beginning of Our Adoption Journey

What a blessing our son Cayden has been to us. He is a mischievious little fellow who loves to make people laugh. Over the last few years we have faithfully waited for another little blessing to come along into our family but to no avail. Jeremy and I have now reached the decision to take the next step in life and to pursue the avenue of adoption. This process both excites us and scares us, but we are more ready than ever. We have just completed the first step of the adoption process and have "graduated" from an extensive Adoption Education course that is mandatory for all those hopeful parents to take. We enjoyed the course thouroughly and met a few other couples in the Chilliwack area going into through adoption as well. I am very thankful for the connections we have made. Thank-you Ali B. for your openess and honesty, included your humourous stories of your own experiences!

My congratulations go out to Joyce and Chris who have recieved amazing news that there adopted baby boy has joined their family. It gives me hope that we too will recieve that call one day in the future as well.

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