Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Did You Eat My Muffin?

This is a story of "The Case Of The Missing Muffin." It is rather a funny one. To this day it is still only slightly funny to my dad, for it was his muffin that went missing.

I can only laugh at how distraught my father was to find his beloved Bran Muffin gone from the place he had tenderly left it on his kitchen counter. You see, I work in the office next door to his home. When I need some milk for coffee, I raid my mom's fridge. When I smell some good baking. I go to see what's baking in my mom's oven. When I've completely forgotten my lunch, I check to see if somethings available in my mom's cupboards. (My mom is OK with this arrangement)
Well, this particular day, I wandered into the house for some milk for my coffee. On the counter, I spied a Tim Horton's muffin box with a bran muffin in it. I thought to myself, "there were six. Now there is one. I'm sure everyone's had there fill. So, muffin # 6 will go along very nicely with my coffee."
Not too long later, into the office comes the boss.(My dad) Not with too happy of a look. He says to me, "Did you take my muffin?" Of course I couln't lie. So I had to admitt to it. To my dismay, I got a bit of an earful for taking his muffin.
I was a little humbled by this and had to drive all the way to the nearest Tim Hortons to replace his muffin. I handed it to him and laughed at him for being sooo dramatic about a silly muffin. He replied that it was the principle of not taking something without asking.
A month or so has gone by since this incident. Just last week we had some guests at our campsite and the story of the muffin came up in conversation. My dad stuck to his story, "That it's the principle." And I stuck to my story, "You were just in a mood and it had nothing to do with principle. You just wanted that darn muffin right then and there."
Well, did we ever have our guests laughing. I have to tell you that in the end of it all, he did admitt that it really was about the fact that he was in a mood and really wanted that darn muffin right then.
I think that I won when I reminded him that he was very fortunate to have his daughter so close to him that she could just pop over for this or that. Not every parent is blessed to have all there children so close by. He agreed quickly. The stealing of the muffin is forgiven. It amazes me how my dad has attempted to use one missing Tim Hortons muffin to teach a life lesson to his daughter. I have to say that the lesson has been lost on me.