Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Tanya!

My co-worker Tanya hates recognition. At least she says she does. The juries still out on that one. Anyway, today was her birthday and also the anniversary of two years of work at Denbow. Two great years. She figured that if she was quiet about it no one would remember, which suited her. I didn't forget although I pretended to. Until 10:30, then game over. I got busy. I sent an inter-office e-mail to let everyone know. Then I sent a GPS message to all the drivers to let them know. Her first phone call came from Kelly. At this point she didn't realize that I had done this. She was shocked that he knew. He says to her, "I know I'm not supposed to ask a girl her age. So I'm just telling everyone your forty. Oh, I have a really good Birthday present for you as well. I lined you up with a date. Be ready for ________ to pick you up at 5:00". The humour of it all is that firstly, she's married. Secondly, she doe not like _____at all. (I can't put the name in, but if you know Denbow, you'll know who it is!) I just about died laughing when she repeated the conversation. Immediately after she hung up the phone, completely mortified, she threw not just one pen, but four plus an eraser at me! I absolutely loved it. She swears she's going to get me back one day.

I brought a slice of lemon cake, lit a candle and put it on her desk. Just then a customer came in and said 'Happy Birthday". Again she was embarrassed.

The above is the GPS that everyone got. She got a whole lot more phone calls than she wanted today.

Happy Birthday Tanya! Hope that we can continue celebrating together!


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