Friday, December 28, 2012

Take A Picture of Me!

For the first two years of Peyton's life, she has been an uncooperative model.  Whenever I attempted to take pictures, she quickly managed to look away, sad or angry.  It was a rare moment that I was actually able to capture a good picture.  It annoys me to no end, because I just love ‘perfect pictures’, but simply had to be satisfied with whatever I could manage.
It seems that the times of camera avoidance may be coming to an end.  I find that Peyton is actually starting to pose for pictures.  But only for moment.  That moment probably feels like forever for a two year old though.
Peyton got ahold of some stickers and attached them in a few random places.  Including the middle of her forehead.  I was taking some pictures, and she said,  “Take a picture of me!”
Shocked, I quickly turned to take pictures of her, only to have her run away once again. But… too my surprise, she ran to the tree and stood in front of it.  Then said, “Take a picture of me here!”  Of course I took the moment.  Didn’t get a very good picture with my iphone, but it was a picture nonetheless that she requested.  I feel that the future of good pictures is on the horizon:)

What a cute kid if I must say so myself!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Coming To A Close

Our annual Boxing Day Dinner at my mom’s tonight marks the official end of the 2012 Christmas Season for our family.  It is the last time of over-indulging in food and treats.  Our last family get-together for the year.  As much as I love the time leading up to Christmas.  The days of Christmas.  And everything to do with Christmas.  I am officially done. 

I am looking forward to the remainder of the week.  I took the whole week off just to stay at home with my kids and take care at least one of my DIY projects.  Taking time off and not going away is something I have NEVER done before.  So it should be interesting. 

My goal is to finally complete my Buffet redo.  This piece has been sitting in my garage for the past year, just waiting for some TLC.  I am so looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.  I have a vision of what I hope it will look like at the end.  But… this is my first ever furniture redo.  So, fingers crossed.  I am going to tackle it.  Hope that I can show off a completely transformed Buffet early in the New Year:)

2012 Christmas 108

 2012 Christmas 112

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Eve To Remember

Our day started slowly.  The best way for a Christmas Eve Day to begin.  Our children were so tired from the past few late evenings, they let us sleep in.  We made our way through the morning, and then into the afternoon without too many challenges.

It became noon and we were still moving at a relaxing speed.  We did have a tiny bit of shopping to wrap up the Christmas Gift Giving purchases. I was cringing at the thought of doing any shopping today, but unfortunately it couldn’t be avoided.  Crazily enough, it was peaceful in both the stores we ventured out to. A total shocker!  The two stores I thought would be a disaster were Wal-Mart and Future Shop.  It seems that we made a great decision in strategizing the best time to go out today.  We sailed through our little lists and were quickly headed back for home.

Then it was time to prepare a buffet of goodies for Jeremy’s mom and Trevor to enjoy with us before we headed out to Christmas Eve service.  I took advantage of Peytons mini-nap to get as much done as possible without the usual distractions.

Our guests arrived and we enjoyed a nice late afternoon together before we all got on our way to once again to our yearly tradition of Christmas Eve Service.  We enjoyed some singing, laughter, candle lighting and of course some entertainment from our little ones.  My favorite thing about the service every year is that it is a reminder of to my family of the peace and love of Christ and what it is we celebrate at Christmas.  It brings the season into perspective for me year every year, and it didn’t disappoint once again.

We then went home to spend some more time together and unwrapping some gifts and our Christmas Stockings. And of course a little more eating. The cheer and joy was fantastic.  We all were thrilled with our treats and gifts and went to bed dreaming of a White Christmas.  Well, it is now 12:30 am and the snowflakes haven’t started falling.  Sigh.  What a disappointment:(

Peace on earth, and goodwill to all men!

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christmas 2

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Breakfast Denbow Style

The weather today couldn’t have been any better for our fourth annual Denbow Family Christmas Breakfast.  It was sure cold, but the sun was shining which always helps brighten our day.

We had a record breaking amount of people joining us for the yearly tradition. 84 men, women and children in total. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that draws the families from their homes so early on a Saturday morning to take part in a company event.

Is it the promise of the usual delicious buffet, full of fantastic choices?  The games that I plan?  The employee Christmas bonus that gets handed out?  The chocolate the significant others always go home with?  Or the present that all the kids receive?

Maybe it’s simply just getting together with the Denbow Family.  Whatever it is, I sure appreciate seeing all the laughter and joy I see on everyone as they leave with their bellies full and gifts in hand.  I eagerly look forward to planning it all over again next year.

Cheers to hopefully many more mornings like it!


2012 Denbow Christmas (49)

2012 Denbow Christmas (67)


2012 Denbow Christmas (88)