Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednessday

What a wonderful April Fools Day. Today was the first day ever that I could remember that anyone has every tried to pull an April Fools joke on me. Not only tried, but succeeded. No kidding huh! Me? Pranked?
All started well today. I arrived at work. We had a very busy morning so I didn't get started typing orders until later in the morning. Finally I made an attempt only to find 'stuck keys' on my keyboard. I thought someone had spilled something sticky on my keyboard so in my attempt to 'fix' my keyboard I turned it upside down and started banging away to loosen the keys. Nope, didn't work. Next I thought I should try to pry my keys with a pen to get them unstuck. To my surprise, they unstuck alright. They flew through the air and I had to make chase so they wouldn't get lost. Well, it appears that Tanya and Willetta thought they'd get me back for who knows what so they pulled the middle row of letters off and shifted them around so that I would end up typing silly words.
Meanwhile, as I'm trying to get my keys re-positioned I got a call from Paul. He started rambling about this major virus that's running rampant. He goes on to tell me that to fix my computer, I needed to hit my esc button three times then hold down the space bar. I then did this and as I did this I was quick to realize that I had been played. Too late. Laughter erupted around me and I felt a little bit humiliated. But only a little bit. Really.

Well, it was fun. I can take it as good than I give it. Happy April 1st,

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