Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Work-out Tuesday

What a beautiful Spring day! These days are so worth the wait after that long winter. Today I started the day with a mission: to get as much yard work done as possible. It was also "hang-out" day with Cayden so he became my little helper. We started the day by picking up an aerator at the rental store. Yep, usually Tuesday's we start out at Starbucks but we skipped our hot drinks and Bible Study to spend our day outdoors.
Wow, that machine was heavy! Off to the races we went. Literally! I had to chase that machine around the yard like a dog chases a bone. When we were done our lawn was turned into a lawn full of "little poops" as Cayden called them. We set off pushing the machine down the side of the road. People must really wonder! A few days ago we were seen carrying a bag with a fish in it along the road and today we were seen pushing that crazy contraption down the side of the road. There is a reason for our wackiness. I'm always looking to saving money right? So I scanned the neighbourhood for someone else who was doing a lawn makeover as well. I found that neigbourhood and we split the rental. Hey, it was a full $20.00 savings so don't make fun of my "dutchness" alright.
It was time for our next task. Blackberry bush extermination. I have a vision of having a nice fire pit and sitting area down by the creek and those bushes are between me and my vision. For the past seven years those thorny blackberry bushes have been staring me in the face just daring me to destroy them. Every year the fierceness of them won. Until today. I have scratches all over my arms to prove it.
Our final task of the day before we called it quits was weed-control. On my back went my sprayer and off we went to turn those green weeds into brown dead weeds. It was a wonderful day by working out in the yard I got a serious work-out. Time to put up my feet and enjoy Sarah's Cottage, one of my favorite design shows as a treat for a job well done.

My pile of blackberry branches.
The area above is one of the areas I'm clearing.

Our freshly aerated lawn.

My little helper Cayden is hard at work pulling up horsetails.

My backyard sanctuary by the creek.

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