Monday, January 2, 2017

The Science Behind The Snooze

I am a self-proclaimed night owl.  But mornings.... blech!  With all those leaders pushing on getting up early and attacking all the right things; exercise, creative writing, important tasks, I say boo!

Ok, I have tried.  Set the alarm.  Hit snooze a couple times, then reset the alarm for a more acceptable time.  Fail. Fail. Fail!

So last week, Pre-New Years Resolution time, I told myself to get out to the 6:00 am Bootcamp times at the gym.  The first morning, I hit snooze a couple times then was ready to reset the alarm completely.  Only to feel some pride kick in cause I told Jeremy the night before I was getting to the gym early.  So, I got up and to the gym, a few minutes late, but did it.

The next morning session.  Again. Snooze, snooze. Oops.  Reset alarm and miss it!  The third morning. Snooze 1 time.  Then off I went.  My brain said, 'you need more snooze time'.  I said, 'no! I will be late.'  I head downstairs.  See the couch and cozy blanket and tell myself. Ok, 2 more snooze's.  Then... I was late and missed the class and just rode the bike. BORING!

So,  4th morning.  I made myself accountable to getting to the early morning class by offering to pickup my co-worker after the workout and bring her to work.  Smart lady I was.  That morning, my alarm went off, totally wanted to snooze, snooze, reset.  But... I had a commitment, so off I went.  Feeling amazing for it.

I have come to the conclusion that I simply need to set my alarm, giving me time for 3 snoozes, and I am good!  I am mentally ready to get going and tackle the gym.  Ok... maybe that's an overstatement.  But... at least get out the door, make the class on time and feel absolutely amazing afterwards because of it.

How about you?  Early morning bird?  Up and at 'em before the alarm even goes out?  Or... a snoozer?