Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did I See Red!

If you were to see me know, you might tell me that I'm looking a tad bit angry. And you would be right. I'm typically even tempered. But when someone makes a random comment like I just heard, everything changes.

I was just at the local grocery store with Cayden. Just our usual shelf-restocking trip. We meandered our ways around the aisles and got ourselves into line after all the items on our list were checked off. (Actually, I missed a few. Shucks) Cayden was a good little companion the whole time. We were waiting in line behind an older gentleman (CrankPot!). And, Cayden with his usual 'Ants In Pants' was jumping up and down.

The older gentleman (CrankPot!) looks at him and asks, "Are you Autistic? Wow! At that very instant I was seeing red. The nerve. Remember, I am usually even tempered. At this instant my temper went off the scale.

At the time this was unravelling, I was actually on my cell-phone. The caller on the other line sensed something had to have occured and politely said, "Sounds like you have something else to attend to, I better let you go." I couldn't agree more.

I held my tongue, but wish that I hadn't. I wish that I would have had a conversation with this man about how hurtful that kind of question was. What if I was the mother of an autistic child? How would I have felt?

Well, I'm currently settling down. My calmness is starting to take over once again. Sometimes it's good to just get 'it out'.

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