Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And So My Heart Sank

Yesterday, I drove down Yale Road, looked at one particular sign and read one word. That one word was enough to deflate me and sent me into a minor state of shock and disbelief. You must be wondering what that one word could possible be. Well let me tell you.
You may be thinking that it is awfully strange for me to get upset about something as small as that. But, in fact, there is a very good reason. At least in my opinion. For the past six months I have wanted one particular thing and have dreamed and imagined all the possibilities of that one thing. It was simply a house. But to me, not just any house. It was my dream house, with my dream yard and with endless possibilities of what it could be for our family. It was the house that I believed I would likely live in for a very long time.
I can only really be upset with myself for this tragedy. (Yes, you are probably thinking I'm off my rocker) Alright, its not a real tragedy today it feels like it is to me.
When this house went on the market I immediately went to take a peek inside and fell in love. We decided that we would put our house on the market and make the big upgrade but had a few minor improvements we wished to do first. Well, this list was actually fairly small, but we did think it was important for getting the best dollar. A brand new kitchen went in. A two month delay. Followed by the completion of the laundry room. Another two month delay. Followed by the repair of a crack. And another two month delay. Hindsight being as it is, all these minor things should not have held up posting our own "For Sale" sign.

I happen to drive past my dream house every day and will probably think "What If" every time. Well, I have to say life will go on. My four year old son and I had a sweet little conversation following this whole upset. I said to Cayden, "Mommy's really sad because someone else bought the big white house." (This is what he knows it by) Cayden says to me, "Well, maybe when that man is done with it he will give it to you. Maybe if you ask nicely, he will give it to you. Maybe if you say please. Saying please is nice, right mommy?" Well, I could only smile and agree that "saying please" is nice.

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