Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life's A Beach: At Least For Now

Some families dream of spending 2 whole weeks camping on a beach with sisters, brothers, parents, nieces, nephews and other random guests along the way.  Okay. This could just as easily be many peoples nightmare.

But, in our case, it's mostly all good.  Along the way some blowups may happen over crazy random things. And not always is the argument between kids.  Sometimes us six siblings have a meltdown moment too and request a much needed timeout.  I got myself into one little tiff this time!  We do have a week left.  But... all quickly gets forgotten and we move on.  And that is what I am proud about our crazy and loud family.

This year has been exceptional.  Definitely the signs of the eleven grandchildren all growing up.  A few less tantrums and tears to invade our quiet beach or water relaxation space.  It keeps us adults that much happier and much less annoyed.

This beach front camping in Osoyoos, BC is a long 33 plus year tradition for the Boesterd clan.  And it shows no sign of slowing down.  Evening bike rides, late night card games, boating, kayaking, swimming, snacking, book reading, bottle collecting, Home Hardware visits, and lounging in the lake take up most of our time each day.  And it almost never gets tiring.

We've raided the pool at the resort above to escape the high winds, uninvited.  Late at night after enjoying some late night drinks and lots of quiet my brother and I have had heartfelt conversations.  The ones that don't happen in every day life. Some quality time burning candles in ears. Very random, but yes, it did help the hard of hearing to hear a tad better:)  We've spent time at the bottle depot sorting out $250.00 worth of bottles, courtesy of all the kids entrepreneurship adventures.  After dark bike trips to the Windmill for curing ice cream cravings.  Another beer stop, my most satisfying drink of choice on a hot day on the lake:)  We have some duck whisperer activities happen and some of the best times for everyone is after a "Marcy Visit".  And a whole lot of wonderful Sangria making!

It's 9:30 in the morning here, and my girls are still sleeping!  I've had my morning coffee, responded to some important emails, read a few chapters in a good book and all in utter peace.  Yes, life's a beach.