Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Biking The Seawall In Vancouver

Never have I had so much fun in Vancouver with my family!  We headed into Vancouver  Saturday morning.  Our truck was loaded with our bikes, picnic lunch and swimming attire.  All the things necessary for a fantastic day in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

We arrived in Vancouver at the perfect time to get the perfect parking near Second Beach.  The place we planned to picnic and swim in after we biked the seawall.  We made our way through the forest of Stanley Park to Prospect Point.  A great place to rest and enjoy the views of the Bay and North Vancouver.  With a few wrong turns, we finally made it to the seawall for our ride back to Second Beach.

One of my wishes was that we would have spent more time biking on the seawall, and less time on the forest paths.  Oh well.  A good reason to go for another ride through Stanley Park again in the future:)

We then spent hours at the gorgeous giant pool at Second Beach.  According to Cayden it was his 'favorite pool ever!'  It certainly was amazing.  Perfectly situated right beside the ocean and with a perfect temperature.  Hours later, I still had to drag the family onto our next stop: Stephos Greek Taverne.

It was there that we finished off the perfect day, with a perfect dinner.  With our bellies full, and our energy sapped, we headed on home.  Smiles on our faces with thoughts on 'the next time'.  When we do it all over again.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crazy Cayden

My crazy boy Cayden.  Not one word can describe him.  Although he was given the award of "Adventurer" by his grade 1 teacher.  He is bold and brave.  Loud and excitable.  Lovable and annoying.  Generous and full of life.

Currently Cayden is not the best 'Big Brother' to our sweet little Peyton.  But I like think that one day he will be.  I do think that one day she may look up to him with respect and he may become her protector.  The fighting that goes on between these two rug-rats amazes me!

Although I do at times get a slight glimpse of how cute they can be together.  And here is some proof of that:) Thank you Jete of  Urban Fig Photography for capturing these great moments.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some More Vancouver Street Photography

So many favorites!  I of course am my worst critique and as I peruse my pictures I think of how I might change my angle, position, distance or perspective the next time. 

I am already planning for a 'next' time:) I've even already lined up my fellow 'street stalker'.