Thursday, July 9, 2009


Surprising enough, even with-out being in school I have managed to be late in turning in an assignment. Not a school assignment, but a work one, mind you. The assignment was what one would think should be pretty easy to complete. My task was to come up with a Strategic Plan for the agriculture division at Denbow. That's next on my task of things to do tonight. It'll be only one day late. Not too bad eh?

Developing a Strategic Plan is a great thing for everyone to do. Whether for business or personal reasons. The term GOSPA refers to the following;

Goals- are both qualitative and quantitative
Objective- the sub goals that must be accomplished to achieve the larger goals.
Strategies- different ways you can accomplish objectives.
Plans- the written plan on how to achieve those objectives.
Activities- the tasks that have to be completed and measurable for you to fulfill the plans.

Alright, so I've now re-educated myself on how to develop a Strategic Plan, so I'd better get down to business and 'get er done'.

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Judy said...

With or without a strategic plan for your ag division...we have been most happy with the service provided for us by Denbow!