Saturday, March 14, 2009

What Should I Put Down?

We had a slow start today without many things that just 'had to be done'. This doesn't happen very often. With the extra time Jeremy decided he should start some of the paperwork that we each have to fill out for the Children's Ministry. One of them was a Safe Questionnaire that was 13 pages long. All it required was for us to simply check the boxes that applied.
I watched as Jeremy worked his way through his. Five minutes later I thought maybe I should just get mine done. (A bit of a race as it took me 5 minutes to fill it out and Jeremy 30 minutes). I came to question 32. It read, "Check the boxes that best describe the various roles you and your spouse play in the relationship". I gave a quiet chuckle as I quickly breezed through checking off the boxes. I suspected Jeremy would struggle with this one. Finally Jeremy made it to the 32nd question and mumbled, "So... Head of Household... What should I put down?" I know that as a Christian, Jeremy is technically the "Head of Household" but we both know better. I do try though!

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