Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Another Great Day

The day started bright and early for a Tuesday 'day off'.  It was a mad dash to get to the school to be a 'mom helper' and serve the Greendale Elementary students with a delicious pancake breakfast.  Seldom do I get the opportunity to help out with Cayden's school, so I cherish the times when it works out with my work schedule.  

 Peyton and I got some time out to hang out with Brownie and Jack.  Our first relaxing time with them this year!  These guys loved the attention.

After spending time with Brownie and Jack, it was time to get busy.  finally, a nice sunny day to get our garden planted.  I am a fair weather gardner you see, so that's why the delay:)  My little Miss P.  was such a good helper.  Almost a little too good.  I could hardly keep her from ripping all the packages apart and wanting to plant everything. Her way.  Which really is not my way.  But, we got it done.  A nice variety of some nice healthy veggies.  And even some strawberry plants for some delicious desert treats.

 After some time getting the garden in, it was time to weed and rake some garden beds.  Every bit of hard work is worth it as I sit back and look at all our work.  I simply can't help but feel some pride for a weed free back yard that has so much colour and texture to enjoy after a hard day at work.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scrapping The Weekend Away

At some point, Jeremy and I thought it would be a good idea for him to plan a weekend trip to Alberta.  Just a short weekend.  Over 10 hours of driving each way.  In a small car, and with his mom.  And I would not be along for the ride.

It all sounded good at the time, and then the reality hit me last weekend after just a 4 hour drive to Loon Lake.  I was close to losing my insanity after the squabbling of my lovely but feisty two children.  It was then that I thought to myself, what a terrible idea!  I won't even be there to keep the peace!  

As the weekend came nearer, I packed the best I could to keep kids full of good snacks, movies and reading material.  All those things in separate 'packs' so no sharing would be necessary.  Anything to avoid a breakout in yelling or tears. 

With a hug and kiss, and many reminders to not fight, I got them off on their crazy little weekend getaway.  Keeping my fingers crossed it would be fantastic.  Then... I headed off on my own little weekend getaway with a group of crafty ladies.

Lots of laughter, eating, creating and very little sleep was what the weekend entailed.  I even managed to catch up on a number of my favorite TV shows in between interesting conversations.  The range of topics were enlightening and some were never meant to be shared with the outside world:)

Two days later, I haven't heard from my family, other than a short text announcing their arrival at the final destination.  I am sure hoping that this is a sign of a great trip!