Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Adoption Story Update

The whole adoption process has been a true test of patience. With the large number of children awaiting good homes, you would think that the process would be quick and easy. The real facts are that it is neither quick nor easy.
It has been just shy of a year since we started the whole process. The process starts with an introductory meeting. Following this is another introductory information group session. Following this is a wait to get into a Adoption Education course that takes 3 full consecutive weekends to complete. We finished this portion this past February. Following the completion of AEP, a home study needs to completed. This could take up to 3 months to complete. A Home Study is quite a long process with many meetings and a whole pile of paperwork to be completed. Once a Home Study is completed, a "Match made in Heaven" could happen very quickly, or take a few years.
Unfortunately, the Ministry in Chilliwack is extremely short on Adoption Social Workers. Thus, the incredibly long wait. The government saw that Chilliwack is struggling with workers so they allowed the Ministry to have two Home Studies completed privately. Thankfully, we have a few good things on our side and we managed to take a giant leap in front of the pack of other potential adopters and get chosen as one of these two families. I just got the call to state that our Home Study will start this week. This is such amazing news considering that we just heard this past weekend how many people are still waiting on Home Studies to start.
Here's to the next stage of our Adoption Adventure!

I made a trip to the Classic's Scrapbook Store and to my surprise found some stickers and paper specially for adoption. Looking forward to using these pages in my scrapbook!

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