Friday, October 2, 2009

"The World is Mud-luscious and Puddle-Wonderful." ~E.E. Cummings

It was the perfect night to play in the mud. On second thought, it was a little chilly.  But the cold didn’t seem to scare the many boys and girls from running through the mud bog that was created for their church youth annual event.

As I watched the bog being created, across the road from the office, I felt a little jealous that I wasn’t invited to partake in the mud games that were to take place tonight.  I even suggested out-loud that maybe the employees at Denbow and there families might be able to take advantage of the work done to create this bog this coming spring when it warmed up a little. 

I thought that a family event would be fantastic.  I will have to admit that I think I may have changed my mind.  Why? you ask.  Because I think that should we host this event, we might find ourselves short about 50% or more staff members for the following week due to the strains and sprains that potentially could occur.  Our customers would not be too happy.  Neither will the chickens that wouldn’t be provided there nice comfortable bed.  I will admit that it would be a whole lot of fun though.

As I watched these young teens slipping and sliding, wrestling, pushing and pulling their way up and down the mountains of mud, through the bogs and moats and down the monster slip and slide, I thought to myself, “If only I were young again.”

This mud bog was created for approximately 100 youths from four different churches.  Some from Surrey and some from Chilliwack.  They had the music blaring, the fire roaring and the hot chocolate steaming all evening.  The youth leaders joined in on the fun and games with youthful joy.  Some of us just stood at the sidelines wishing we could join.  And others of us just stood at the sidelines and watched in disgust.

One lady stood beside me and asked if I could see myself enjoying the muddy mess.  I said, “Oh yeah!  I would have been in there like a dirty shirt!”  She says, “Not me. No way could I see myself having fun being covered head to toe with mud.”  I did feel a little sorry for her and thought that she must have been some prima donna growing up.  Something I certainly never had been.

Anyone interested in playing in the mud is welcome to come on out.  We plan to keep it around for a while.  You never know when I might just leave my seat at my desk, walk across the road and just dive in to the mud bog.  I’m thinking it might be great stress relief. 


The middle mountain with the mote of water around it.


My sister Jessica, not afraid to get down and dirty


Ivan, finally got himself down into the mud. Took calling him a sissy a few times over.


Trying to get warmed up around the fire. 


Ivan, full fledged mud wrestler at this point.


Getting prepared around one of the four mud bogs for a round of capture the flag.


As much mud as I would let Cayden get on him.


The base of the giant mud slip and slide hill.

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