Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August Fave Five #4

Hang Out Tuesday

2009 09 01_0037

This past August weather was the best that I remember in years.  I only remember sunny days and perfect temperatures.  The thing that makes the best lazy summer day is to “hang-out.”

Cayden and I term Tuesdays our very own “hang-out” day. Its the extra day I take off of work almost every week to enjoy being at home with  Cayden.  It’s often filled with errands, but almost always has something extra fun involved as well.

On this particular day, we had some extra guests to “hang-out” with.  Cayden’s cousins, Jessica and JJ.  I made no plans to run errands on this particular day.  The only plans I made were to have fun in the sun. I even managed to get in a few pages reading a good book on the back deck while listening to the kids laugh and yell and sometimes even fight.  (Thankfully not too much of the fighting). 

It was a very good day.  One I wish I could repeat.  We’ll just have to make an attempt at replicating the day in the near future.

2009 09 01_0039

2009 09 01_0061

2009 09 01_0041


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