Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evening At The Lake

It’s the middle of September already!  I can hardly believe how quickly my favourite season, Summer, has passed by.  I say this every year at around this time and  I feel the same emotions every year at this time.  I feel sadness. 

I made a last minute decision to take Cayden to Cultus Lake after dinner and enjoy an evening swim.  Him, not me.  It seems that cold water doesn’t scare him away as much as it does me.  So, I got to enjoy the sunny evening on the park bench while Cayden chased ‘baby’ fish knee deep in the water.

2009 09 15_0330

As was enjoying watching Cayden play in the lake, I looked to my left.  And saw… no-one. Then I looked to  right. And I saw… no-one.  The summer busyness at the beach is all gone.  It was very peaceful, but also a reminder that hot summer days at the beach are pretty much over for this year.

2009 09 15_0332

I looked at this little house behind me with a little “For Sale” sign in the window and imagined a little of what it would be like to have this view from my front window for 12 months of the year. Reality then hit.  A tiny little cottage on the lake for 2 months of a year is a dream.  The other 10 months of the year would not be.  Nine hundred square feet of living space would not be so wonderful for four bodies.  But it is a nice thought though.

2009 09 15_0342

We then headed over to the jungle gym to enjoy a little play time before the sun was getting ready to set behind the mountains.  I was chasing Cayden up the ladder and he suddenly stopped.  He says in a cute little singsong voice, “Aaawwwe, a little baby…”  then stops what he’s saying and he smacks his hands together. Then he finishes his sentence… “spider.”   He quickly wipes the smashed “baby spider” on his shorts and continues off running.

2009 09 15_0334

Enjoy the day!


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