Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Fave Five

Wow! Where have I been this past month? It feels like I have been writing my blog daily, but when looking at my blog, I see nothing. Appears to me that I have writing blogs in my mind, but not at my computer.

I've decided to catch up on the highlights of the last month by posting my Favorite Five memories of the Month of August. To start with, my favorite memory is our annual family trek to N'kmip, Osooyoos.

As far as I can remember, over 27 years, our family has been packing up our camping gear and heading for Hot and Sunny Osooyoos. We are very fortunate to have been able to claim some of the best real estate, right on the water, for two weeks every summer at the very same campground through all these years.

These two weeks are always the very best of every summer. OK, only one week for me. But I have promised myself that no matter what, it's going to be two weeks for me as well next year. Everyone is laughing at me because apparently I've been saying this for the past four years. But I really mean it this time. Seriously, I mean it.

The time passes too quickly every year. It is time filled with board games in the evenings, boating, sun-bathing, swimming, desert walks, reading on the beach and so many other fun and relaxing activities.

Is is not without drama, squabbles, laughter, teasing and frustrations that we get through this wonderful trip as a growing family. We are far from a perfect family. But we are a family that continues to bond by spending time together on this trip every year. Good thing we now book three sites side by side. At least we can move 100 feet away from the crown if we need some space. LOL.

It has been great to continue this tradition with Cayden. He has been building his own memories of what camping in Osooyoos means to him, and they are not unlike my own as a child. I hope that we are blessed to be able to continue this trip with all my siblings, parents, nieces and nephews and Children for many more years.

Cayden looks like he is engrossed in a story, but he is really just checking out the children on the rope swing at the next site over. He is an undercover child watcher here.
No baby's to push today, so lucky for Cayden Tara was quite happy to go for a ride.

Playing Dutch Blitz at the waters edge. No better place than this.

Dad gets a free spa treatment courtesy of Jaelyn and Jessica. Yuck!

Jeremy, Cayden and Jaelyn head out for a daily tube ride. Faster, Faster!

Till' tomorrow when I will share my second Fave of August, 2009.

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