Monday, September 21, 2009

My Little Cowboy

It was off to a birthday party we were going.  Cayden must have overheard me on the phone with the mom of the birthday boy, talking about dress-up.  Not thinking I had anything for Cayden, I mentioned to her that once we got to the party we would borrow an outfit from one of her boys for Cayden to wear.

The next thing I know, Cayden appears all dressed up.  He managed to scrounge enough cowboy stuff in the back corners of his room and put together his very own ‘get-up’.  I did add the little cowboy vest with a “Marshal” badge on it, to his outfit.  It was one sewn especially for him last March for a wedding.  He was one of the “Marshalls” for the bride and groom.  To my surprise he could still squeeze into it.

The only thing missing were the cowboy boots.  He has long out-grown those.  So, I told him to go get his running shoes on instead so that we could be on our way to the party.

Ivan came into the house and says with a snicker, “Cayden’s wearing his gumboots.”  Sure enough, there he is with a cowboy outfit and gumboots.  I had to laugh and just say “whatever”.  I had to put aside the desire to tell him that he looked silly with his gumboots on and just let him be.  He was happy, so I was happy.  Who said little boys need to make a fashion statement anyways?

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