Monday, September 7, 2009

August Fave Five # 3

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We were enjoying an overnight stay at Camperland this past August with Cayden’s Nana. We happened to choose the weekend where they host a yearly event of “Trick Or Treating” in August.  

It was a last minute decision to participate, therefore it was also a  last minute search for a ‘get-up’ for Cayden.  Prior to seeing all the other children dressed up, I suggested that he go dressed up as ‘Cayden.’  He was OK with this.  I quickly changed my mind when the other children started on their way through the campground.  Every child (all 250) were fully dressed up.

So, off we were scrounging the closets for an outfit for Cayden.  And did we ever get a good one.  Zorro the second was created.  Of course Cayden has no Idea who Zorro it but there is no doubt that the adults did.  The recognition by all the adults as they said “Hi Zorro” to him every time he stopped at their campsite was enough pleasure for him.

We typically don’t participate in the tradition of Trick Or Treating October 31st, but did find this event a lot of fun.  There were prizes for the best dressed as well as the best decorated campsite.  My mother-in-law made it to third place for all her efforts at the campsite and Cayden made it in the top eight for best dressed boys.

I actually don’t know who had more fun; Cayden, my mother-in-law or myself.   I’ve already marked our calender for camping at Camperland the same week-end next year.

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