Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Are The Champions!

Women's hockey in Chilliwack is picking up steam. Last year was the first year Chilliwack introduced an all women's hockey league. It managed to enlist enough women to make three teams. This year, four teams were formed. I was asked to play for the Zoners. I met alot of great women and regained a love for the sport that I had stepped back from playing for the past five years. The Zoners finished top in Chilliwack and went on to play against against a top team in Burnaby 8 rinks to claim the championship for our division.

I packed five team-mates into my truck and took a road trip out to Burnaby. The trip was only 1 1/2 hours long but in that short time we learned more about each other than we had playing together all year.

We made it to the rink, got our gear on, put our game faces on and made our way onto the ice to face our challengers. The puck was dropped and the game was on. Eleven goals later the game was over. We had ten, they had one. As you can tell by the score, it was a very one-sided game. Because of the beating, the other team decided that they did not want to face us again. (We were to play against them one more time in the tournament) So, the season was officially over and we became the champions of the division.

Cheers to my team. Looking forward to getting together once again at the wrap-up party. And especially looking forward to another great season next year.

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