Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just Like Riding A Bike

My day started at the butt-crack of dawn at 4:00am today. I faced the day with excitement and even a tad bit of nervousness. I offered my services today to drive and operate an Express Blower for the enviro division of Denbow. You might wonder what exactly would cause me to feel a little nervous. Well, in the past year I have only actually driven truck one time. As well, I would have to guess that I haven't actually operated an Express Blower for over 5 years. I find that as I step back from doing the variety of work that I used to do, I'm losing some of the confidence I have in my own abilities.

I am pleased to announce that I still got "it"! I can still drive, and maintain safe driving habits. I even managed to run the remote control to offload the bark nuggets into the bio-filter we were filling. I tried to set off the over speed warning on our GPS units a few times, just to show my rebellious side, but the busy Canuck game traffic kept me at a top speed of only 118 kms per hour.

It was a good productive day. We managed to get off 650 yards of material with our three trucks and our tipper truck. I enjoyed working along-side the guys for a change rather than as Manager or Dispatcher. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to work in the field.

Being re-loaded with our tipper trailer,
I have some great memories of days gone by driving this Peterbilt.

You'd almost thing we were city workers. One worker, two observers.

Bark Nuggets trucked in from Washington for this Bio-filter.

Yep, Big John and his cheesy grin. Just kidding John!

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