Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mommy, Can You Sleep With Me?

After a very hard fought soccer game tonight, Cayden and I made our way home. I managed to acquire two blisters on each foot and a few new bruises to add to all the rest of my aches. I have to say though that it is all very worth it.
So Cayden is sitting in the back seat and says to me, "So mommy, can you sleep with me a little bit? Oh, and you can rub my back." Yes, he told me that I needed to give him a back rub, not asked.
I'm thinking to myself, Hey, I'm the one that could use a back massage. Where's the fairness in this?
So I said to him, "No, I think that you should give me a back massage."
He then says to me, "Okay. And then you can say to me, "Cayden, that's good, now its your turn." Talk about a little negotiator. I think I'm in for it.
I am always grateful for the opportunity to have a little down time Cayden him just before he sleeps. Usually we spend a few minutes revisiting his activities for the day and talking about what's coming up the next. It is time well spent and something I will forever treasure.

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