Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pajama Tuesday

After last nights Canucks game I entered a state of misery. A feeling of emptiness. The deep sadness that I wouldn't have a Canucks hockey game to watch for a whole four months. Oh, whoa is me, a true Canucks hockey fan. A fan that rode the fan wagon and never got off whether they were playin losing or winning.
So, today I couldn't bring myself to get out of my pajamas. You might have seen Cayden and I traveling through town this morning still in our pajamas. Yep, you read it right, we drove around town in our pajamas and slippers. This morning we had no choice but to drag ourselves out of the house to deliver Ivan to his school . We hit the Tim Hortons Drive Thru for our morning coffee and hot chocolate and headed back home. Around noon I had to face the inevitable; time to pick ourselves up, fix our hair and clothes and head out to face the world.
It's very rare to have such a low key day. But I sure do love them. The real fact is that it I really am not so miserable because of the Canucks elimination, although I am a little sad, I just enjoyed using that as an excuse to stay home all morning and meander through the house doing a few household chores. I'm looking forward to the next chance to do this again. It sure is relaxing!

Relax and enjoy the day,


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