Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lemonade For Sale

Alright, so a person can't even take a picture of kids selling lemonade anymore? The radio news broadcasted a story of a man attempting to take a picture of some children selling lemonade in Chilliwack. Innocent right?
Maybe five years ago it was alright. But it appears that we as a society fear that something bad could come out of something as innocent as strangers taking pictures of our children being little entrepreneurs. It makes me feel a little sad.
The story today was about some children selling lemonade. An adult man asked to take pictures of them with their stand. The children were cautious and went to get there parents because some stranger wanted to take pictures of them. By the time the adults came outside, the stranger had left. The parents reported the incident to the police. The police investigated. The man was tracked down. The man told his story. He was taking a photography class and thought a picture of children selling lemonade would make a great photo.
I have to agree, it would have been a great photo. A scene that has been photographed many times through history. Somehow things as innocent as taking photos of a great scene need to be contemplated rather than taken impulsively. I wish we could go back to the good ol' days when we didn't need to teach our children to be on such 'high alert'.

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