Monday, May 11, 2009

Do You Have Ants In Your Pants?

Cayden's Nana shared a conversation she had with Cayden when he had a sleepover this weekend. It was rather funny and also typical of him, as he always trying to make people laugh. Cayden and Jeremy's mom went out to dinner together. After a little while it was evident that Cayden was having problems sitting still. Jeremy's mom asked Cayden if he had "Ants in his pants." His quick response was, "Yep, I do have ants in my pants."
Cayden then said, "I have spiders in my pants too!" Jeremy's mom pretended shock and asked him what spiders and ants were doing in his pants. He says, "Their tickling my butt!"
Cayden then proceeded to tell his Nana that not only did he have ants in his pants, spiders in his pants, he also had bees in his pants, and they were pinching his cheeks! What a funny child. I just love his sense of humour, no matter how silly the things he comes up with are. (Although, I must say he does sometimes go a little too far)
Happy Monday!

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