Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You know it's time for new glasses when they start to look like this...

You know your frugal when your glasses frame are actually worn so thin that they break, your lens falls out, and you have to tape your glasses together just to see.
Its only been eight years since I last purchased my glasses. They did look a bit worn out if you got close enough to see. I think that over the years I managed to chip a little paint here and a little paint there. They probably didn't even really sit well on my face any longer.
The time had come that I longer could postpone a shopping trip to the nearest EyeWear shop. I trusted the shopkeepers two thumbs up on the fourth pair I tried on. They were a little trendier than I would typically choose but I decided to take a step on the trendy side and completed the sale.
Everywhere I went, people noticed my new glasses. I received nothing but compliments. That is until a certain person....
I was at work and my dad comes in. He looks at me and says nothing. I thought to myself, "Does he really not notice?" and proceeded to ask him how he liked my glasses. He says, "Well, I decided that it might be better to not say anything. But, since youv'e asked, I think they look like horse blinders."

How's that for honesty?
Oh well. I consider the source. I think that deep down he's a little jealous that he doesn't dare to be so trendy!

And the verdict is in, I LOVE my new glasses!

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