Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Dog Spots

Actually, Spots is Cayden's dog not mine. Another "stage" were going through. Everywhere Cayden goes, Spots is sure to join. Tonight we were headed out on our bikes to the store. Almost ready to pedal away. But STOP! What about Spots? Off to get a backpack for hauling Spots around. Spots needed to see too so we allowed him to poke his head out a little. Off we went, only to have to pull over a few doors down. Seems the backpack was a little too big and rode the back wheel a little. So I had to throw the backpack onto my back. I tried to stuff Spots down to the bottom so no one could see what I was carrying only to have Cayden insist that Spots needed to be able to see too. With Spots on my back, off we went. Wow, it was hard work! A tad bit windy. Definitely can't say I didn't get my workout today!

PS: I'm still looking for an authentic fire helmet to finish of Cayden's room. Anyone able to help out, please let me know!
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