Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring at The Farm

The Creek Dwellers
Our wonderful host, Ernie Charleton

Joshua and Sheldon find some candy on the hunt.

Tamiko Charleton, wife of crazy Ernie, and also host.

What a beautiful day it was today. It was perfect for a big outdoor picnic at the Charleton Farm. I am so grateful when the weather co-operates with our plans. The "Spring At The Farm" event is an annual Family Connections event hosted by Central Community Church. We count on an average of 100 people at this fun event. Wow, did we get a great turnout today! We must have had over 150 people. So many extras that we in fact we ran out of food! OOPS! Thanks Ernie for running out for some more hot dogs. We definitely don't want people to not show up at future events for fear of starving!
The day started with a 7:30 wake-up call from Suzanne. I ignored the phone. Got up at 8:30. Hit "message" on our answering machine. And there was Suzanne asking how spicy my Chili was. What Chili? I had no idea it was on my list of things to do! In ten minutes flat Chili was simmering in the crock pot. Yes, my kitchen did look like a natural disaster, but it did clean up well.

The kids had a great time. We had tractor rides that took the kids out to the 'forest' to find bags of candy, Volleyball, Face Painting, Balloon animals and many other activities for people to enjoy. Tamiko even managed to get us a gold panner who spent the afternoon showing kids how to pan for gold. Pastor Nate provided us with a great group of youth to help pull off the event. We are grateful for this. It's always allot of work for those of us on the planning committee, but always worth the effort. Many hands make light work. Well, one month left to plan our next event. The "Photo Scavenger Hunt". Here's to another successful event!

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