Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hockey's A Rough Sport Mommy

The following is a one sided conversation Cayden was having once he was told I would be playing ice hockey tonight. " Hockey's a rough sport mommy. Make sure you don't get hit into the boards, OK? Tell them to be nice and not hit you into the boards. It's not nice. It's really rough right mommy?

I had to laugh. He's so innocent. Cayden and Ivan came to watch me play hockey one time this season. Cayden was my number one fan. He kept shouting "Hi mommy!" every time I skated within hearing distance. Everyone thought he was the cutest thing, and he was! I remember distinctly get slammed into the boards. I'm guessing it made quite and impression on Cayden and that's when he got the idea that hockey is a "rough sport."

Cayden tried on my hockey Jersey. Only to inform me that "it stinks". Yes, it did. Alot of hard work was done wearing that Jersey!

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